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BASTARDS .... JAILED .. just when the FUN was REALLY GETTING GOING HEY!!!!!!  Over to YOU HUMAN ..... The White Rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!  Suggests (as always):  ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!

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Oops ... so much happening, forgot to post this update in yesterday!

"Keenan on Prosperity Packages
« Thread Started Yesterday at 10:50am »

Neil Keenan Update About Prosperity Packages & World Global Settlements - September 17, 2012
There was a Link in the Poof report yesterday titled Removing the Shackles here------>

I sent this to Neil Keenen and here is his response to that article.


[3:34:22 AM] Neil Keenan: You can answer Removing the Shackles with this JJ and say it is from me. No problem.

[3:36:14 AM] Neil Keenan: NEIL kEENAN said...
The prosperity packages are rolling out very very quickly right now- and we are looking for a magic number to trigger the event we are waiting for? This is not going to happen so stop playing with the people.

The World Global Settlements have been launched and that money is already on it's way around the world? This is not true at all. It cannot be touched as you perceive it either.

The Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocol/Funds have been released? This will never be released seeing it was stolen money from the Global Accounts used to destroy the USSR's economy by the above mentioned. These funds are now safely resting in the Global Accounts where they belong.

The Soekarno funds are Not part of the WGS and have not yet been released? The Soekarno Funds are part of the Global accounts seeing they are Dragon Family and Heritage Foundation just to name a few and are registered in the BIS. As for the Soekarno Foundation that is a different story and their mandate expired in 1998 but it is possible to find ways to get the funds owed to them by the West to the tune of over 4 Trillion USD.

Loved the history lesson and much of what you say is true. Overall knowing what I know already I loved it and it helped tremendously with what I am doing. Take care and feel free to contact me whenever you wish.

Neil Keenan

Please note that Neil Keenan and Removing The Shackles are now in direct communication about the ongoing developments of the prosperity programs and world global settlements.

Source: "

You missed it? heh! .... Note this could be the first filing (now amended ... but you get the general idea, if you're a doubter!)! :)
Keenan Complaint 11-23-2011 SDNY (1)

The White Rabbit!
#KeenanRabbit  Mor?????? ... What ... you've NEVER heard of THE BIG CASE??????
Particulars of Claim Final

Greedy Guts!!!!!  You want MOR?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because no one's even Mentioning ABACUS BANK YET!!!!!!

And this one really is interesting ... heh!  As indeed we told Occupy Nigeria to be on the watch out for this BCCI SIZED BANKSTER BASHER!!!!!

What, you missed the Prosecutors Press Conference (IN FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!):
Simply outrageous; still less than 800 views WORLDWIDE for this!!!!!!!!

The ability to look a foreign lawyer in the eye returns to the small team of UPSTANDING AMERICAN HEROES - 7 DOWN (19 in total CHARGED): 10,000 - (3+7)=9990 with another 12 possibles.  COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES:  'BCCI TYPE EVENT' WOWOWOWOWW

We did tell you ... ;) ... All the way back on WEDNESDAY, 13 JUNE 2012 #Lulz!!

Great aren't we! ;) heh!

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