Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Seems like it starts with a whole host of disinfo (obviously, only the brain-dead don't know Israel is nuclear armed, and thus started the nuke arms race in the middle east, and with it's decade long threats to Iran, no wonder Iran wants a nuclear defence) ... I could go on at length about this, also of course mentioning Iran hasn't invaded anyone in 300 years, unlike of course, the USA ... and other nations I could mention ... Nevertheless, the title of this radio interview (seemingly broadcast inside Israel) alone means it's worth a listen.  The real problem here is the brainwashed Israelis (have you ever met them travelling around the world just out of the military? :().  Unfortunately, the PROBLEM FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD IS THE FACT THAT ISRAELIS KEEP ELECTING NUT-CASES TO LEAD THEM.  

Frankly, you can be sure, the rest of the world will stand back and let Israel get wiped off the map if if it keeps doing that, and frankly, we agree with the CIA analyst; it's time Shin Bet dealt with Netanyahu; he's the single biggest threat to the very survival of Israel.  Frankly, the rest of the world has had ENOUGH of this RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST BULLSHIT.  And no, we don't care if it's Jewish, Christian, Hindu, or the Chocolate Teapot religion.  We RATIONALISTS, want you OUT OF POWER, and well, well , well away from the NUKES.

Israelis; we know you hand a very deep hand in 911 (even if you haven't worked it out yet).  And yet you wonder why we sit, and we will sit, if you go into Iran.  Fools.  Deal with your terrorists.  Please.  Just like in the UK, the USA, and elsewhere, hint: THEY ARE IN GOVERNMENT.

I mean .... we're only a few minutes into this, and we're simply AMAZED at the DELUDED two peeps speaking ... Time the world left these crazies to deal with their duplicitousness, and perhaps learn a little of the Christian doctrine of love thy neighbour, rather than permanently (as it seems), seek to antagonise or invade them.  You have heard the phrase, violence begets violence?  And for the record, if you don't think Netanyahu is totally nuts; take it from Shin Bet; please, do.  If Israelis continue to allow the psychopaths to speak for them, and to run their country, we predict but one thing; indeed, they will be wiped off the map, for if they decide and continue to decide to elect leaders that make their beds this way, surely, the world will be quite happy to let them lay in it.    Oh and for the record Israelis; of course, it was the Crook in the US State Department, that sold (for personal profit) nuclear tech to Iran; the ON OATH court testimony on that, right here on Operation Occupy The Banks.  Time to awoke to REALITY RABBIT, too! ;)

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