Monday, 22 October 2012


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After the pedo BBC and every other western media organisation FAILED the people's of the west and Press TV stepped up to the plate and PUBLISHED THE TRUTH about Lord Blackheath's speech (now CENSORED in the UK {and possibly across the west}), pay-back time from the Communists across the European Union with the BANNING OF PRESS TV. They no like it when Iran tells you about their 15 TRILLION FAKE FIAT FRAUD (being used to DESTROY EUROPEAN SOVEREIGNTY by the BANKSTERS who have committed that fraud; The US Treasury, the Fed, JPM, HSBC, RBS, and TWENTY EUROPEAN BANKS.  No no; no NECESSARY JAIL for the BANKSTERS nor their MINIONS, only bonuses and BAILOUTS enslaving YOU and YOUR CHILDREN for another few centuries BY DESIGN of these CRIMINALS ... And for you SLAVE; to be KEEP IN THE DARK by those in the House of Lords, who VOTED TO CENSOR THIS IN THE UK; scumbags!  

You can watch the Pedo Cover-up artists covering up 50 years worth of coverup on the BBC if you want; alternatively, you can understand WHO really has the PEOPLE of the EU in their hearts, and WHO IS A CRIMINAL SCUMBAG INTENT ON KEEPING YOU BRAINWASHED with the NO-TRUTH MSM in the West ... The EU Commie Commission; now clearly one of the hearts of the DARK CABAL intent on DESTROYING PLANET EARTH by CAUSING WORLD WAR THREE.  Of course, if you're foolish enough to have a TV in the first place, and especially if you actually PAY the BBC to fuck your children, then you deserve everything you're getting; YOUR CHILDREN SENT OFF TO BE SLAUGHTERED in the DESIGNED GENOCIDE ... SLAVE!

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