Sunday, 14 October 2012


Now Chunky Mark almost always nails the right people for the right things ... And he's almost on the money with this one, but not quite.  You see, as we have taken simply HUGE risks to point out, PEDOPHILIA is the MEANS and METHOD of the ILLUMINATI control over GOVERNMENTS, the MEDIA, LAW (including the judiciary) ... RELIGION ... You name it.

We feel like we're getting a bit in our regulars faces (who already realise the truth of this next statement), but you will have to stick with it, for with so many new visitors every day, only hitting our latest articles, they need to know what simply MONTHS ago now we took the HUGE RISK with our life, by publishing our Satanic Ritual Child Sexual Abuse page - way, way back on 5th FEBRUARY 2012 (now with what 20 entries including CHILD and ADULT VICTIM TESTIMONY of CHILD SNUFF NETWORKS operating in EUROPE and the USA, with MILITARY and INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (and NATO, and ROYALTY involvement)).

It was way back on 21st March, a full SEVEN MONTHS AGO that we published the FULL FOUR HOUR testimony of KAY GRIGGS on the VATICAN, UK, and ESPECIALLY focused AND EVIDENCED US SPECIAL FORCES involvement; and she named many, many names: #MILITARY USA #KayGriggs Special Ops.  But you sat and did naught.

We've been TELLING YOU and TELLING YOU the BBC *IS* THE ILLUMINATI MIND CONTROL ORGANISATION (though of course, the vast majority of it's staff have no idea they are USEFUL IDIOTS to the NWO Illuminati agenda; most of their news staff I bet still don't even realise THEY WERE USED ON 9/11, even though just about everyone with a brain on the planet is trying to tell them, and tell them, and tell them).   So much so we have now SPECIFICALLY WARNED one of their TOP NAZIS PROPAGANDISTS PERSONALLY OF HIS ICC WAR CRIMES TRIAL, as so ever more clearly, day-by-day, the world commences to understand the horrific reality that the TERRORIST POLICE in the UK, may indeed, be the 7/7 TERRORISTS.  Too wild you say The Pet Goat; we remind you, just days ago if we told you BBC Staff, were paid with YOUR money, and were raping their way through secure psychiatric units, and sexually abusing in-patients in hospitals, you would have said (like the robot you've been trained to be '"But that's CAN'T be true").

Of course, we did break you in gently (we realise being confronted with so much historic reality when one is under total MIND CONTROL is destabilising), even taking the huge risk to point out the SCIENTISTS who tell you the truth are SWIFTLY MURDERED, yet come forth, they continue to do, even though the BBC NAZI Propagandists are so skilled, they continue to get them to make INCORRECT statements of fact for the BBC airwaves (you know, like the FBI/DoD haven't released the tape showing NO PLANE HIT THE (Pentagram) PENTAGON (see next ;)).  And yet still you sit; still you say 'But that cannot be true; our government would NEVER do that to us, even though we have right here on site, the SIGNED OFF BY THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF PROOF, THAT OH YES, THEY WOULD, and Oh yes, Oh yes: THEY HAVE on our special page for total idiots who have been so asleep for so long, they need it all right from the beginning, super-concisely stated on: BREAKING -> EIGHT DAYS TO SAVE THE FREE WORLD.  Where we recap for The Pet Goat, NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON; and other real basics that PROVE BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT the TWO PRESIDENTIAL WARNINGS GIVEN, have been COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY IGNORED, and that indeed, the SECRET GOVERNMENT is now TOTALLY IN POWER WORLDWIDE; the vast RUTHLESS GLOBAL CONSPIRACY, is HERE, it's NOW, and it's MASS MURDERING MILLIONS FOR CONTROL (via DEBT) and PROFITS (profits for them; bullets, one of the now over a BILLION DUM DUM bullets; you know, for The Pet Goat).  Still those Dum Dum (sic) enough to want reform rather than abolition ... will no doubt get there way, leaving the pedo coverup artists in place.

Let's hope the darkest obvious realities are investigated but not proven.  I mean, with Demmink and the Pedo connection via BBC to Jersey now established; ... is The White Rabbit the only one wondering did the BBC's staff or equipment MAKE CHILD SNUFF in Jersey... It's a horror so horrible no one wants to say it, but the BBC is a FILM-MAKING institution, and of course, this would all account for the HUGE DECADES LONG COVER-UP, now wouldn't it (when no one can see any reason this was covered up, to The White Rabbit ... this seems, Dumbo, .... The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

Whilst the BBC .... EVERYONE IN IT (we met an ex-employee on the plane to our holiday destination)... nothing to do with radio; told us EVERYONE knew when they worked there, DECADES AGO) ... Now that is the REALITY.

But here we have the PROOF of the ILLUMINATI BBC BRAINWASH MACHINE IN FULL FLOW.   Decide for yourself with 20,000+ employees in the know about the Pedo Jim'ill Fuck it, if you can trust the BBC to tell you the truth about something as important as who is a MENACE to YOUR CHILD ... And then you might, really, you just MIGHT start t understand THEY ARE LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH ABOUT 911 TOO.  But if you love your goathood too much, you can continue to decide you can trust the BBC, can't you! For you, are The Pet Goat! STILL.

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  1. You don't help your case by your crazy and inconcise and unclear ways of writing. You need to be telling people things properly and clearly not typing like an angry kid cos this stuff is too important not too. I will now try and clarify what I think/hope you were trying to get at in your article. I say hope because this is what I am convinced of and for my sanity I need to hear and see other people who realise this and agree that this is correct too. I will post the specific points in my next post after posting this so far to make sure it gets published so I know i'm not wasting my time.....

  2. Ok here goes - Read the post i just made before this one. Ok this is part 1...

    You are so correct in that the BBC, and infact the whole mainstream media in the UK use the whole pedophile hysteria to control the public. I think the likes of Sky news and ITV news are worse than BBC though.

    Everybody knew what Jimmy Savile was up to or had heard the rumours as you say. But people laughed or didn't do anything. Obviously not a conspiracy theory, because most people didn't think there was anything wrong with it which there wasn't for the most part - Apart from stuff he MAY have done to kids 11 and under (the true pedophile domain), not 12-17.

    You see this is what the illuminati do. They have brainwashed the public into thinking that an adult who has sex with a 13 or 14 year old girl is a pedophile when they are nothing of the sort! - They are a normal red blooded male to be attracted to girls of such ages, and this is the sickest illuminati propaganda of all. Not only is it sick, but they compound their sick crimes by brainwashing the public into thinking that THEY the "pedos" are the sick ones, making thier crimes 10 times worse. They've paranoid the public putting unbelievable pressure on governments and courts to give ludicrously harsh sentences. If the public opinion manipulation through the media wasn't enough, they still have effectively direct control over the government anyway through bribes, blackmail and other similar methods so obviously they get their way.

    They propagate stories of "child abuse" and the "damage" it has caused in the media and totally confuse child abuse with underage sex in the minds of the public so they think they are the same thing.

    They have managed to change the meaning of the word "pedophile" or "paedophile" in the minds of the public to make people think it means anyone who has sex with an underage girl, when in reality the true original clinical definition is someone who has a preference for pre pubescent children which is something completely different.

    They have tried to have medical illnesses created and recognised by various medical bodies which would define someone as mentally ill or being attracted to girls around 14 - This failed - Clearly their power is not Absolute so there is hope! - Or maybe they didn't see it as worth persuing that much.

    They have created such stigma around the issue that anyone speaking up against it is immediately suspected of being a pedophile, so nobody dares, so it is a perfect self sustaining thing for them, cos debate about it is precisely what would uncover their sick game. Free speech is thrown to the wayside to the extent that I need to make even a comment like this from an anonymous ip address just so i cannot be traced.

    The whole thing just makes perfect sense and the whole media pedo hysteria makes absolutely no sense in terms of taking it seriously. I mean how can something most people thought was perfectly ok (at least secretly) till the 70s and 80s, suddenly be worse than murder just 20 odd years later. It's is complete and utter nonsense, insanity, and bullshit! How can sex with a 13/14 year old girl warrant any jail time, let alone years, when in most non white and non english speaking countries it is perfectly normal and legal?! You starting to get this now?! Cos the western English speaking countries is where this is most rife of course. How can pictures or videos you download to your own private computer purely to enjoy in the privacy of your own home be warranted as any business of the goverments?! - Let alone warranting time in jail?! - The arguments against just don't wash and collapse like a pack of cards under even basic scrutiny. The former chief of police in a UK police force called Terry Grange had the courage to speak out against the lunacy. But they made sure he was sacked soon after on what were most likely fabricated corruption charges as a result. He is not the only police officer to speak out also.

  3. Part 2....

    But WHY?! - Why do they want to do this. Well theres 2 obvious reasons -
    1.) Something to control people with so they can have anyone they dont like or who is a threat to them jailed. Its just another easy method on top of all the other laws they've brought in that few will dare speak up against. Julian assange was a victim of sex offender hysteria with the trumped up "serious" allegations.

    2.) To keep the prisons more profitable by having more people in jail

    3.) The people who are victims of the police, courts and these laws are usually free thinkers who go against the system and against the accepted norms of society as brainwashed into society by the elite though the media. Therefore they are a threat to them, and it's an easy way to get rid of those their propaganda machine doesn't work on.

    You see the pedo hysteria in the UK started to die down at the start of this 2010s decade it seemed that more and more people were starting to realise secretly it was bullshit. The illuminati realised this and Jimmy Savile was the perfect way to bring it all back again! But the media needed to rebrainwash the public into thinking that any underage sex was wrong to "prime" them if you like in preparation for the Jimmy Savile revelations. So they took a nothing story that happens probably every day or week and turned it into a headline news story lasting an entire week. This was the story of a 15 year old girl running away to France with her teacher. Who in their FUCKING RIGHT MIND would think this was even a basic news story, let alone headline news worthy day after day. It is so blindingly obvious what the game was!

    Not thinking twice about ruining the life of the school girl "victim", or the teacher, they used this to forward their agenda. The media making out they were standing up for the poor girl who'd been "kidnapped" probably ruined her life far more than any rapist could have done. As if more evidence was needed that this was ludicrous, the French police stated that they were not looking for the pair and there wouldn't even be arrested if they were found!!! - This speaks volumes. It was even headline news after she had been "rescued". The sick extent of BBC staff brainwashing is immesurable i can only conclude. The woman was actually stood outside the home in all seriousness taking the story of the girl being "rescued" seriously! As was said in zeitgeist the human brain is so easily manipulated and controlled.

    Now, i'm not sure what the nuts and bolts are exactly of how the BBC are the illuminatis propaganda machine, as I said, the corporate media are far more so, but I would make an educated guess that it is 1st through the BBC board. I have read that ex goldman sachs employees are or were on the board. I suspect this is still the case. Then there is the route of government control who in turn are illuminati controlled. Whoever appoints peopel to the BBC board must have been lobbied by the illuminati/elite to be someone with connections to them. Or it is secretly known that the licence fee is conditional on x y or z. It's not hugely important anyway, but i would like some specifics on this.

  4. Part 3....

    Anyway, the Savile story not only blew up because of the reasons above, but it was the perfect opportunity for the murdoch press to lay into the BBC! - It is murdochs mission to bring it down! - And seen as they were under attack, regardless of any direct control of them by the elite, they will have felt they had to fight back vigourously and condemn savile as stongly as possible. Destroying the reputation of a man that did so many wonderful good things for people and charity, in a few days. Sick Bastards. And manipulting much of the public in to agreeing. It just shows how "evil" people can become also when brainwashed. The guy was a saint almost, but still it wasn't enough to fight the sick brainwashing. My god. People are dangerous whilst they are under control of these people. Insanity is likely for those who understand the truth and cannot talk about it to others who understand (exactly what the elite try to stop). We need a serious concrete action plan for taking these sick creatures down. We have the power of tor, anonymity, anonymous, wikileaks, zeitgeist, RT and more behind us. WE need specific co-ordination not just rhetoric. How about poisoning them with devils breath, then we can manipulate THEIR minds, how about distributing videos telling the truth, hacking websites so they go viral. There must be many ways we can win the war before it gets to the point of violence everywhere and breakdown of society. We are millions now against a few men. We are fighting the 1% of the 1%, but we are a true 1% now surely at least! And the fact that we know the truth means we are truly the most intelligent 1% as we have worked out the truth through the powerful mind controlling smoke screens. We have the intelligence to outsmart, and to WIN - Lets get to work - Ideas here (and anything else about things in the planning which can be discussed publicly - or hints where specifics cant be given)- It's time for a whole new level of action!...

    Oh and illuminati, if you're reading this. Please for gods sake just stop with it all. Don't you realise you're shooting urselves in the foot. All these measures to protect yourselves and keep yourselves in power is just making the rise of anger against you grow deeper and deeper. The resistance is inevitable, it's just a matter of time. You cannot stop it. You will never get to the point of having everyone on a tag. The best thing you can do is reverse all the damage and give people their freedoms back. Then people won't be as angry and chances are the anger will fade as people will be just be so elated to have their freedom back and so keen to make up for the time they have lost that you will not be a priority anymore. I couldn't give a shit if you stay rich. I just want my freedoms back. That means reversing all the cctv cameras, the brainwashing of the public, destruction of civil liberties, public brainwashing, confrontational societies. You can even take it further and better than it was before. Legalise sex and nudity in public or something. The public will feel so liberated and love will prevail. Ok, you need the wars for oil u think? No you don't! Invest in renewables. They are going to be more profitable than oil in a few years anyway. You don't need the oil and you're just putting yourselves at more risk by the anger you create. The world will start to fill with love instead of hate, and maybe people will even forgive you too cos they might just realise you were only doing what you felt you had to do to survive, and you just couldn't help take advantage of the position of power you inherited, because that is just human nature. And you were blinded from the destruction you caused because you were so isolated from it. There is still time to stop this insanity. Please for gods sake! But time is running out....


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