Sunday, 28 October 2012

#DOCUMENTARY Who's Afraid of William Reich #ORGONE

Dicky Bird tells me Orgone, Mor Mor Mor, Orgone ...  But we couldn't resist a bit of trouble making ...

We have some delights for you, now we know the MANKIND GENOCIDE SCUMBAGS (Westpoint training 10 years in, all starting to make sense no ... you know, the START of the BUSH NAZI REGIME, the one that did the 911 MILITARY COUP ... before handing over to COUSIN of CHENEY, OBAMA).  All starting to make sense now; SKULL AND BONES Kerry (aka HEROIN DEALING FAMILY from AFHANISTAN and WARS WITH CHINA, oh well now, that would be with the ROTHSCHILD family .... you know, UK TREASURY LORD SASSOON ... just like last time ... HEROIN PROFITS FOR THEM; and DEATH (and not forgetting CHILD RAPE) for YOUR children .... Whilst THEY live on in their PALACES ... If not, try harder .... It's NOT that hard ... Try WIKIPEDIA! ;)  Meantime: ORGONE:

WHO IS AFRAID OF WILHELM REICH - FULL LENGTH the NEW VX GAS no gas chamber required! Dare we add ... just lots of PLANES .... hello 911 ringing any bells??? PLANES ;) MILITARY; MILITARY CONTRACTORS ... Did you see our UNRELATED NAME on: WOW - Yes, there all along ...Just think of the total coincidence of a CIVIL ENGINEERING FIRM being connected with 911 (not that we're saying anything of course) .... JUST STUFFED FULL OF SAUDIS, and AMERICANS, and RIGHT NOW THEN, NOW THEN, in BUSH (jeb) DARK CABAL HOME COUNTRY! Good old boys ... now, with the CEO of the WORLD's LARGEST STEALTH FIGHTERS (and other whizz bangery MAGIK TRIX we can only dream of ... that'd be a PERFECT TEAM , right? If you don't know the sorts of BASTARDS your dealing with you should try our MARINA MEADOWS PAGE; she's simply DYING to tell you all about it, quite literally. :(

Reminder ... THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN (though SATANISTS, so do watch out!) ... Time, for CUFFS! Unless you want YOUR next plane coming down that is ... ??

You didn't stand when the world needed you Americans; you let us be tortured, and so they tortured you. You let them start the genocides; and now you're just about to VOTE FOR ONE OF THE TWO MAIN CANDIDATES who are COMPLICIT IMPLICITLY in these GENOCIDES; and so, they will come, and they will GENOCIDE you. Russel Means RIP.
Still think it's a JOKE? Tell that to the 100,000,000 on FOOD STAMPS, just about to be CANCELLED!

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