Tuesday, 23 October 2012


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Although filmed back in January, with California having seemingly been a testbed for chemtrailing, you just have to watch the THICKNESS of this DEATH DUMP coming down to understand with our growing team of researchers on this, getting more professional by the day, is not lying at all when we say this is CLEARLY GENOCIDE... By the only people who have the power to produce the DARK CABAL MAGIK TRIX FAKE FIAT MONEY on demand at the press of a button (and to send you the bill PLUS INTEREST) without doing anything productive themselves, to understand it's the BANKSTERS THAT ARE BEHIND THIS:  peeps, this isn't snow ... it's time to WAKE THE FUCK UP; and get MASS ARRESTING EVERY DAMN PILOT ON SIGHT ... Until we're at the bottom of the barrel, and we know EXACTLY who is conducting this genocide, and GET IT STOPPED.  Where ever the Rabbit Hole leads; WHERE EVER IT LEADS; we need to KNOW, and we need ARRESTS.

Any ANIMAL that is facing GENOCIDE of it's species, BY DESIGN, and just SITS, and WAITS to die, is no Animal like ... 

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PS  We now have a 100% trusted source with the right science background and kit to have GOT THE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF OF THESE NANO-ORGANISMS; those photo's are on our hard-drive RIGHT NOW, ready for publication, along with a TEST you can conduct ON YOURSELF at home at very very low cost, we understand EVERYONE ON THE PLANET is now infected with these nano-organisms that can be seen, VERY CLEARLY INDEED in these photographs.  RR if our message requested copyright licence/waiver to get those pics up on this site was CENSORED on the way over to you; please give us written permission to publish your photos right here on #OTB.  regulars, steel yourselves; you will get very upset indeed when you see these photographs (taken under microscope.  We have been reeling all day after sight of them.

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