Friday, 26 October 2012

BANKSTERS Scum Starts Jumping - HOORAY! #OLSX

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Another real sign of the change ... Of the option being passed quiety on; do it your way, or we'll be doing it our way to you.  Of course, typical scumbags can rob and thieve their way through life, but when it comes to facing the music, the banksters take the cowards route out.  
No matter, we just want them gone, right.  

Frankly, at least this way, these useless eaters won't need feeding nor cells; we've paid and suffered enough for these bastards for long enough.  If you're one of them, we'd love it if you'd save us the police resources, too:  why don't you do the world a favour, and jump, too?  

You're boring us now, like your arrogant thieving ways have been boring us all a long time ...   You're scum; but we're rather pleased to report, it seems your type of scum doesn't float on pavements.  Bye bye banksters; no, no one will be coming to your funerals, though we might be coming along to piss on your graves, that's for sure.

Note:  not even had time to read these reports yet ... Nor will we have a chance for a time (see below report for the reason(s) ...

"Bankers Jumping Like Lemmings
Posted on 10/24/2012

Seems the tidal wave has begun, bankers jumping off buildings in London. "

Note; we have banksters minions all over us on the line again; what a pain these people are... And as we know you're reading this; do feel free to avail yourself of the fastest way down off the roof of your building too.  We promise you; you may find that a more favourable outcome that what's otherwise heading your way, because we know it, and you know it ... We're winning, and we're not stopping, and there NO PLACE LEFT TO HIDE:  #HAHA2012

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