Friday, 26 October 2012


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Ernst and Young CRIMINALS, bank CEO's, and others; all on the MSM, and NAMED AS TO HAVE BEEN ENABLED BY THE US GOVERNMENT (as in the UK, where the KING (if you forgive the pun) and UK Treasury (Lord Sassoon) CRIMINALS, are ALSO fully complicit in the GLOBAL FLEECING of The Pet Goat.  Time to arise and become HUMAN again people's of PLANET EARTH.  Time to TAKE DOWN THE DARK CABAL CONTROLLING HUMANITY; in the UK that would of course mean and END RUN on THE BANKSTERS' BANKSTER: Lord Rothschild, himself!

Did you notice we declared the new hashtag #OpROTHSCHILD now some month(s?) ago; start using it HUMANS! ;)  Did you notice, at the same time we also declared #OpROCKEFELLER ... You know it makes SENSE, Humanity!  

Understand this:  NO HUMAN IS TOO BIG TO FAIL ... And some humans, MUST FALL.  

Time the people of the planet earth stopped feeling afraid of CRIMINAL SCUM, and got MASS ARRESTING THEM!  Now we know you humans don't like to listen to The White Rabbit!  You think we are dumb like Dumbo The Elephant, but now just over one year, and almost three quarters of a million page views, you're WRONG ABOUT THAT; we've been NAILING THESE BASTARDS ALL ALONG ... But we know the Human that are not Human, but The Pet Goat, who are so stupid they need an 'Authority Figure' to tell them what reality is, because they be so DUMED DOWN as to not believe their own minds anymore, need telling by those authority figures ... so ...

Are you ready for this, because as we've pointed out repeated before on this blog, the ENABLERS of all of this are the CRIMINAL ACCOUNTANT SCUM, and the CRIMINAL ACCOUNTANT AUDITOR SCUM, and now, the (already totally obvious) CRIMINAL SCUM IN ACCOUNTANCY ARE STARTING TO BE PUBLICLY NAMED ON THE MSN (main-stream-media; the mind-control operation is slowly falling away ... and ..

REALITY is starting to be REPORTED!!!!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

The White Rabbit!

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