Tuesday, 9 October 2012


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It's with great displeasure that we announce we believe we have been subject to successful Man In The Middle attacks using a ROGUE (valid) CERTIFICATE issued ostensibly from to the payment service provider moneybookers.com  

This would imply (or necessitate) corruption or compromise of the certificate issuing authority, AFAWK.  We realise the seriousness of this suggestion, and indeed, the even more serious, seriousness of not mentioning it if indeed, we are right. So we publish in the hope this may protect both moneybookers reputation and their clients finances, over the next few hours.

The main basis of this claim is that elements of the page (when a secure connection was made to moneybookers.com) were NOT served to us from our IP address, but WERE when we jumped IP addresses so that our attacker would not be able to send the rogue certificate to us, and thus intercede our communications with moneybookers.com  This we took as confirmatory that indeed, we were being successfully MiTM by someone.

Unfortunately, this occurred at about 7pm last night, one hour or so after moneybookers.com Customer Service shut down for the day.  Having concluded this seems 90% or higher to be the case, after a bit of further reading up on how we might become sure that this indeed was the case; that were were indeed subject to this attack at about 7pm (GMT) Monday 8th October 2012, we thought we should mention it immediately online, so that in the next few hours, when hopefully moneybookers should become aware of this claim,  others using moneybookers might consider our view and take extra caution, or indeed, delay use of moneybookers until their technical team has reviewed this issue and taken any remedial or other actions thought necessary.

For the moneybookers IT team; the latency was the real big giveaway, we now conclude; additionally CONFIRMING our previously held belief that this indeed, was what was happening to us.  We suggest moneybookers needs to obtain a new certificate, and from a new authority.

To be clear to our regulars; we're big moneybookers.com fans, and use the service regularly, and our main aim in publishing this post, is to protect them and other users from this certificate which we verifly believe is out there, and in use against their clientèle; us specifically (even if solely).

Internet Security:  it's a bitch.

If you visited this website and it was unavailable on this domain earlier today, this issue is related (in ways we have no time to explain save to point out we're REGULARLY getting SSL overlengths when trying to connect to TWITTER, also; so many in fact, we no longer even TRY to connect to Twitter AT ALL, unless via http://wwwtorproject.org DONATE TO IT! ;)

You don't have any money? Donate BANDWIDTH by downloading and installing Tor, and running it in SERVER mode (e.g. whilst you sleep, if you need all your bandwidth when awake).  it's the right thing to do!   It's the decent thing to do! :) Why don't you do it NOW! :)

We would have mentioned this to someone like IT 'Expert' Jessica The Goat over at IBM, but hey, we know what happens when you try to tell people running the networks of the dark cabal, something they should be interested in, right! lol

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