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Having already proven the Chemtrail death dumps over the UK are nationwide way back in #ENGLAND Cromer Chemtrails #NORFOLK UK #OTB thanks to the very kind assistance of @martinhume it's funny how a holiday away from the usual death dumps overhead can turn out ... You see, we noticed them occurring over our holiday destination (in the Mediterranean sea).  Shocked by that fact (that they were occurring over water, as well as land), and seeking INDISPUTABLE confirmatory proof for The Pet Goat (as we know The Pet Goat don't like to see reality, even when it is put right in front of them, so we DO try to put it RIGHT in front of them, are you listening SCOTS), we put the shoutout on Twitter to our #OTB chemtrail team, to see what could be found...  To our absolutely horror,  24 hours or so later, we put this page together (big thanks to especially @chevyguyss video of Satellite imagery; absent the ability to transmit this intel any other way (and not for want of trying for 24 hours) Scotland - photos from Radar and overhead), and others, who shall remain nameless for want of time or permission to name.

First, the MSM mind control proof (if you're not a regular and don't know we've already shown regulars WHO and HOW we know WHO is doing this, you need our NANO-NASA-BRANDING and CHEMTRAIL GOO pages, first) ... then onto the research the team did:THE SUN - FULL ON MIND CONTROL that this is 'SPACE GOO': and of unknown provenance (obviously Sun Journalists don't yet have the internet - heh) ...

THE SUN (National Tabloid published in the UK); published 17th October 2012
Next; pictures (taken by a Scot, of the Chemtrail laying on 16th October 2012: if you are new to this subject, you can always spot a chemtrail in numerous ways, but perhaps the most indisputeable proof is the SIDEWAYS SPREADING (horizontally) of the trail, rather than as with a contrail, it's disappearance, equidistant from the plane forming it): thus in this photograph we can see a WIDE DISPERSAL already in progress ...
Erskine, Scotland; Chemtrail - 16th October 2012
Next, over to the Satellite imagery: a picture of SCOTLAND:
SATELLITE (NASA): Scotland; 16th October 2012:
And finally over to the many chemtrails, but ESPECIALLY those off the northern edge of EGYPT and LIBYA ... interesting in the current geo-political climate, if you forgive the pun:

Pan European Chemtrail laying; no doubt containing the usual human-toxic barium, aluminium and now we know, MORGELLONS NANO-ORGANISM, nano-branded with NASA, we suspect, as usual, though of course, with no sample, we cannot confirm this (perhaps someone in Scotland may also be able to grab a sample though, and get that off to a non-DarkCabal lab, for proof of that ... Hence publishing this page, right now.  Please DO get it seen right across Scotland, Spain and Algeria, and of course, get it sent to you local ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH officers.  No doubt they do not like being mass murdered by Morgellons death dumps, either. ;)

Time for GENOCIDE TRAILS; this WAR CRIME by the DARK CABAL must be STOPPED... If you didn't know, EXPERIMENTING ON HUMANS without their INFORMED consent, *is* a war crime.

The White Rabbit!
MOR??????????????????????????? THE PATHOGEN ***NAILED** by #OTB : WTF!!

UPDATE WEDNESDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2012#CHEMTRAILS Chief of Global Insecurity Speaketh #GATES #GeoEngineering

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