Friday, 28 September 2012


It's only through startin up this blog did we ever bump into the intel of Tom Hennegan.  We're never quite sure what to make of it, because it's never, ever, sourced.  That said, it does seem as though many inside America, may place weight on his writings, and therefore it's with the gravest of alarm that we feel it's our public duty to publish Tom's WARNING THAT ALL US BANK ACCOUNTS ARE JUST ABOUT TO BE RAIDED WITHOUT RECOURSE, you know, like we've been telling you and telling you and telling you to MOVE YOUR FAKE FIAT INTO COLD HARD METALS OUTSIDE OF AMERICA, where you can ACCESS, TRADE, SWAP or SELL THEM 24/7/365.  Did you listen?  We give up, really, when you can OPEN A FREE OFFSHORE METALS HOLDING RIGHT NOW, FREE, there's simply NOTHING stopping you from accessing the 6,500% SILVER RETURNS, rather than seeing the purchasing power of YOUR MONEY go right through the floor, right in front of your very eyes.

"UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that the corrupt U.S. government financial regulators: the SEC, the CFTC, the NFA and the Nazi Mossad-controlled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are currently conspiring with Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase Bank to invoke the 48-hour homeland law reference the UN-Constitutional BushFRAUD era Patriot Act against FDIC insured savings accounts of outspoken American Patriots who love their country and want a return to Constitutional rule of law.

Average Americans' accounts are being frozen by the U.S. Nazi-Mossad banking gestapo with JP Morgan Chase and its CEO Jamie Dimon in a position to loot the accounts and then turn them into 48-hour derivatives that are traded on the absolutely corrupt London LIFFE Exchange.

The London LIFFE Exchange is controlled by the German House of Hanover commonly known as the British monarchy.

P.S. JP Morgan Chase has already looted the customer insured segregated accounts at the CME Group aka MFGlobal and PFG.

Now the little punk, Jamie Dimon, along with Nazi lesbian DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, are prepared to loot the entire federally insured accounts of average Americans.


- on May 6, 2012 Jewish Janet Napolitano receives award from Jewish Anti-Defamation League

ADL honors US homeland security secretary--Israel Jewish Scene
- on May 20, 2012 Jewish Janet Napolitano flies to Israel

Jerusalem - US Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Visits Israel
- on July 2, 2012 Jewish Janet Napolitano gives $9.7 MILLION tax dollars for Jewish nonprofits and NONE to other religious nonprofits

Department of Homeland Security allocates $9.7 million for Jewish
P.P.S. It is important to remember that the corrupt Nazi-Mossad lesbian-controlled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) considers you a terrorist if you:

1. Believe in the Constitution of the United States

2. Believe the BushFRAUD era Patriot Act and the Obama era National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are a total TREASONOUS violation of the Constitution of the United States, which dishonors our American forefathers and revolutionaries that brought us our Republic to begin with

3. DHS also considers you a terrorist if you have a Ron Paul bumper sticker

4. If you believe Al Gore is the duly elected year 2000 President of the United States

5. If you believe sociopath Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu does not have control of U.S. foreign policy

P.P.P.S. In closing, we can report that the world financial markets have no liquidity left in the system with the financial policies of the privately owned Federal Reserve draining the system in derivative costs.

The U.S. dollar is now king as risk asset markets continue to disintegrate.

We can now see why the aforementioned criminal conspirators fingered in this intelligence briefing want to raid the checking and savings accounts of average Americans utilizing Nazi gestapo tactics. (continues) ..."


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