Sunday, 23 September 2012


Listen up, the terminology it's in: Fascism; the absence of equality has now been given a name (for the slaves that is, the mass murdering terrorist funding Tories always really like it this way):  Priority Treatment.  That would be for them and those that fruadulently created 15 trillion dollars, per Operation Blackheath, and that would be the GUTTER FOR YOU SLAVE.

Fact is, you're simply NOT TOP CROOK ENOUGH for CAMEROON CAMERON and Magic Pants Chancellor of the Fake Frat Fraud, unless you've stolen a TRILLION or two these days.  Theft of a billion here or there; simply NOT ENOUGH to BUY you access to CAMEROON CAMERON; joke from yolk to yolk.  Never mind, he does have nice Wisteria, after all (and maybe even can get his pants on UNDER his trousers, unlike previous administrations).

That's the Magic Pants Rumour anyway; he CAN; SHOCKER; he PASSED TEH SPECIAL MAGIC PANTS COURSE FOR DIMWITS AT ETON!  Hooray!!!!!! Must have been taking lessons from ROMNEY!  Man those magic pants; they must be SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!  Make's TRILLIONS just DISAPPEAR, with NO QUESTIONS ASKED, hey.  Nudge, nudge; wink wink.

Magix Trix Magic Pants; all starting to fit together here down in Warren Burrows ... If only we could find out WHO BOUGHT THE GOLD!

Oh no, fascism in Britain, is being brought in solely on the basis of who can afford to be a fascist.

That's NOT the BANKSTERS of course, who've LOST IT ALL; that's based upon YOU LOSING IT ALL by being FORCED TO HAND IT OVER AT THE POINT OF A GUN; whilst it's then put right into the back-pocket of the BANKSTERS, who then claim 'SUCCESS'.

It is, it's just SUCCESSFUL FASCISM. ... You idiot! <g>  We know all about Cameroon Cameron; it's JAIL for YOU water SLAVES; and MOR PALACES AND PRIORITY TREATMENT for the BANKSTER BUDDIES (after all, laundering the world's drugs trade is hard work you know).

I don't know, you never believe the Rabbit, do you, until it's TOO LATE:

It's called GENOCIDE people, and it's TIME FOR CHARGES.

You know the GREEKS are already way ahead of the ICC pack on this:


Don't forget Priority Treatment when it comes to the ICC.

Now we really know who likes that. ;)

Anyway, if equality befor ethe law, rules and regulations is not your thing, you can always check out our HOW TO PROFIT FROM AMERICAN SLAVES:

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