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WOW!  We've read a few claims, and this one we thought a claim to far, but then the dreaded KROLL turned up to strike FEAR in to the heart of The White Rabbit! (and growing lists of others (we hope and suspect!) [see link ;)}

For legal reasons, we're saying nothing (click the links). ;)


"Friday, July 27, 2012
Israeli Agents:Mitt Romney,SEC Mary Schapiro, IRS Doug Shulman cover up $32 trillion stolen American Assets in Offshore accounts worth $280 billion annual lost income tax revenues

Israeli Agents:Mitt Romney,SEC Mary Schapiro, IRS Doug Shulman cover up $32 trillion stolen American Assets in Offshore accounts worth $280 billion annual lost income tax revenues

Thanks to hedge fund penny stock crook IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman and his partner in FINRA crime SEC ChairMary Schapiro 'Super Rich hold $32 TRILLION in offshore havens,much of which came from criminal activities such as stock fraud as well as self enrichment in the war frauds brought about by the 9/11 cover up that involved Israelis and European far right elites as well as their far right 'Islamic' allies in Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Bahrain,Kuwait and Dubai that Doug Shulman and Marey Shapiro further self enriched thermselves by getting themselves appouinted execs of FINRA aka  NASD AND SELLING IT TO THE MONEY LAUNDRING 9/11 TERRORIST STATE OF DUBAI AND ITS SHEIK MOHAMED AL RASHID BIN MAKTOUM ANDF HIS ISRAELI COINNECTED ZIONIST 'FRIENDS' ! It is NOT black American actor Leslie Snipes who should be put in jail by Douglas Shulman IT IS DOUGLAS SHULMAN WHO SHOULD BE PLACED IN JAIL ALONG WITH MARY SCHAPIRO AND THEIR MUTUAL PAL ISRAELI MONEY LAUNDERER PAL BERNIE MADOFF !Take a look at Reuters article with link below and realize the fact that that $32 trillion and the owners of those accounts in Israel,Switzerland,Lichtenstein and the Carribean is what a REAL IRS Commisioner would have gone after long ago rather than racially profiling a black actor as a ludricrous  example of a criminal tax dodger !This sleazy white racist Jewish scumbag and stock shares money lñaunderer,Douglas Shulman,even allowed the Israelis who 'guarded' Logan Airport on 9/11/01 and bought that position through stock fraud to fraudulently claim they were owed money by the IRS WHEN IN FACT THEY HAVE STOLEN MONEY THROUGH STOCK FRAUD AGAINST AMERICANS ANDF  STILL HAVE IT IN OIFFSHORE ACCOUNTS ! Isn't that right Menachen Atzmon ?!

There is little doubt that a lot of the estimated money held by wealthy Americans and their international criminal associates  in Carribean,Bermuda,Lichtenstein,Israel,and even Swiss and UK etc., 'offshore' accounts are the result of financial fraud against the American public who have been conned into a never ending 'war on terror' that began when our own government and Israel and other international war criminals murdered 3000 people in New York on 9/11/01.
I emphasize the 'country' or money laundering haven of Israel that cynically hosted an 'anti-money laundering'  meeting of international money launderers because many of the offshore accounts that have used U.S.'public' companies better known as 'penny stocks for decades  to defraud Americans and simultaneously use thses fraudulent shells for corporate sabotage and - yes - terrorism within and without the United States.One of the best but certainly not sole examples of this is the Israeli dovernment's own  Shin Bet operation ICTS International that colluded with Israel's El Al Airlines to take control of Huntleigh that held the contract for Logan Airport Boston on 9/11 where according to the U.S. AND THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENTS' OWN OFFICIAL STORY THE TWO PLANES,FLIGHTS 11 AND 175,THAT HIT THE WTC IN NYC ORIGINATED FROM !The quote below is from Canadian-Israeli Barry Chamish who has substantiated both Christopher Bolyn's as while as my contention and the contention of anyone who has given the smallest effort to investigate,that not only scum like Carl Levin Zionist mass nurderer from Michigan and apparently Democratic Senator fore lifer but Dick Cheney and W Bush and the whole gang of war criminals in charge of the U.S.government on 9/11/01 as well as Israeli government sickos and NATO itself that includes European politicians and military fascist as well as their Islamo fascist allies of Kuwait and it Marvin Bush connected Securacom stock fraud and cotporate sabotage operation in chare of security at the WTC along with the Zionists of  Kroll were intrusted with 'security' at the WTC.

Note that both hedge fund money launderer Douglas Shulman and Mary Schapiro are white people whose Jewish parents and co-religionists  lied to them from childhood about being 'Semites' and that their ancestors originated in Palestine -complete lies ! And as you can see below before Bill Parish's open letter to both of them,they did indeed self enrich themselves as members of ... (continues) ..."


... except hah!

KROLL AGAIN .... This time .. named in SWEDEN (do note @AsamCarabanchel) {Madrid}


Actor Chuck Norris' dire warning to all Americans as we Cross the point of no return (Sept 4, 2012)


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