Tuesday, 25 September 2012

#PORTUGAL Armed force call 4 Prime Minister EXILE

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Armed forces call for Prime Minister’s resignation

Created on Tuesday, 18 September 2012 07:32

Armed forces call for end to misery Portugal’s powerful association of military personnel has called for the resignation of the prime minister, accusing the coalition government of ‘destroying the country’ and ‘using the Portuguese people as guinea pigs for social experiments’ with the new austerity measures.

‘It is clear the policies imposed by this Government have failed. They were centred on the debasement of labour and social rights by imposing more and more austerity measures, more unemployment, and more uncertainty,’ says the Associação de Praças (AP) in a statement marking a significant shift against the current government from a sector of Portugal’s society that is not averse to running successful revolutions.

In reference to the new austerity measures, the association stated that it did not want to stand by as ‘this vile attack is being perpetrated,‘ and stressed that ‘it is not part of the military mindset to evade situations.'

"Mr. Prime Minister, for the sake of Portugal and the Portuguese, do them a favor, resign now and emigrate', urges the statement that comes shortly after the military stated it was OK for its members to attend the mass rallies across Portugal last Saturday afternoon, as ‘they are citizens too.’.

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Mucho Gusto mi Amigos em Portugal, Brazil especiale Hola e miamigos neuvos eu esperor commecar a arrivo acqui, si solmence para di #Lulz ... Porque voce obter muito lulz acqui porque eu noa escrivo Portuguese heh; mais nos ter muito mellor idea para todu problemas totu lugar todu planeto: ler
Como mi amigos, todu pessoas em Ingles stupido!  Voce, intelligencia:) heh #Lulz HAHA2012
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