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It is indeed unfortunate the way some clueless leaders misconceived the idea of patriotism whereby, they regard the patriotic citizens as their number one enemy. These leaders when left uncorrected with their misconception, the idea of patriotism will turn to a nightmare.

Being patriotic does not mean you should not make any critical comment, challenge or revolt against the leaders of your country when they are wrong or are committed crimes against the citizens, but rather being patriotic means having ideological strength and a belief that cannot be undermined, to criticise and expose the weaknesses of the leaders when they are delibrately misgoverning or intending to, so as to nudge them towards taking essential measasures of improving the quality of their leadership. The leaders are only there to rule or govern with the consent of the masses, even if to say leaders are not to be told what to do, however, they must be remainded on what to do.

It surprised me when I read how some PDP leaders shamelessly accusing a man of political eminence and intergrity, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, of being unpatriotic citizen who want to cause a bloody civil war in the country. I cannot actually conceive how these so-called leaders are reasoning. Although, I blame them not but blame ourselves for letting monsters who cannot differentiate between right and wrong, talkless of differentiating between a patriotic and unpatriotic citizen, to take the control of our country. If not a mistake, I would have ask them these questions; is it patriotism waging a bloody massacre on innocent civilians during peaceful protest? Is act of embezzeling public funds and going against the laws and basic principles of the country also patriotism? Which among these and much more of these crimes under the leadership of PDP are not committed in the country? If they can commit all these and yet were not accused of being unpatriotic, on
what grounds are they accusing Gen. Buhari? Is it simply because he lamented on their brutality and act of using power in an unreasonable way which to them is a crime? If showing disapproval on all these forms of crimes means being unpatriotic to them, I am not sorry to say all Nigerians are not patriotic citizens.

Similarly, the worst and most appalling is the exploitative strategy adopted by these so-called leaders and their allies in using political strength, economic strength, social and media strengths in spreading propaganda. It is time to force them by our words and actions or any legal means to change their attitude to work towards the betterment of our lives. It is going to be pride on our side if we can force our leaders to do what we want instead of what they want. "

Written by,
Umar Jada.

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