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Your dead serous; aren't you!

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"Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012
                                    Government Had Prior Knowledge- Pending 9-11 Attack
Crime has become the norm in this country instead of what it should be,” punishable by prosecution” How do the criminals get away with it? Well the best way is not to get investigated, which is exactly how our government authorities handle the financial institutions committing federal crimes against their customers?  It’s also how the state bars across the country handle attorneys who commit moral turpitude and federal crimes against their clients.

The powers that be have a built in exemption from any investigation or prosecution. Period. But this isn't written in our US Constitution.

Of course if you’re a layperson of the United States of America you’ll go to jail without a trial for protesting the above outrageousness! You’ll also be incarcerated if you happen to become a bankster’s scapegoat like Madoff.

Wait!  Isn’t this communism? It certainly isn’t a democracy.

If something isn’t done the United States of America will destroy herself…exactly like she already has.

Yet, I’m sure there’s hope if the public stands up to these monsters, our leaders!

However the public is mostly in denial if they haven’t dealt with these horrendous life-altering crimes yet; some pray without taking action as they wait for God to appear; the rest of you are relying on The Secret philosophy. If I didn’t know better and fear being called a complete ”nut case” I’d swear our US Government actually created the secret then made arrangements to shove the belief down the publics' throats after they tainted our water with drugs to keep us all comatose so we’d easily believe the secret and not protest what our leaders are doing?

Of course as you may recall in The Secret film we’re taught, as followers, that we bring into our lives what we think about so if we think positively everything will be all right? I don’t recall the teaching of the kind of work that must be done to support the positive attitude? I do recall being blamed for all the bad things that have happened to me? I must not have been thinking positive enough? And as I was working really hard on this the financial elite were embezzling money from me. You too?

And just to make sure those of us missed by the tainted water get drugged, the slack is picked up on television with drug commercials where the public is told basically they’ll have better sex taking penis enhancers, which will leave them with debilitating diarrhea or a heart attack. And if we don’t live on two anti-depressants at the same time we’re nuts, unless of course the medication makes us suicidal? Which if we blame our anti-depressants for these symptoms we’re considered more nuts?

But, then we’ll just be dead and out of government’s way.

Come the hell on, apparently our Surgeon General isn’t doing her job in this country either? I mean others before her had time to warn us about cigarette smoking in writing, but she doesn’t care if we’re drugged until diarrhea takes over; our penises and vaginas cease to work; cerebral hemorrhages kill us instantly from arteries destroyed by too many prescriptions or we live in self induced comas from unneeded drugs?

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to learn, Dr. Regina M. Benjamin our US Surgeon General, has been instructed to drug the public?

Why do I say this? Because most Americans can’t stand what’s going on in America but either refuse or can’t move to do anything but complain. Are they drugged by being over prescribed medication or is whatever may be in our water enough?

It’s another way to look at the term, “they drank the Kool Aide.” In other words some of us drink this concoction by choice, others by coercion and many more haven’t been aware they were imbibing in such a drink. They mindlessly suck it down.

The rest of us, not affected and aware, are working along with just a few doing what we can, which isn’t easy as there’s much even with our “want to know” attitude we just don’t know. Our US Government purposely, hides important life altering information from us, involving many other countries that are doing the same to their people?

Then as I was writing this article today called CRIME OF THE CENTURY EXPOSED for my blog, my Twitter friend @censorednewsnow tweeted asking that I blog about September 2012 letters from the Journal of 9/11 Studies

I find it interesting, without any previous warning, that I was already writing about crime?

Enter Ferdinando Imposimato the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy and a former Senator who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three administrations. He is the author or co-author of seven books on international terrorism, state corruption, and related matters, and a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy.(continues) ..."


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