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"Wednesday, 5 September 2012
America's Secret Wars Among Its Intelligence Agencies Since NSA's Inception
by Trowbridge H. Ford

Why Relations Despite the Scandals Didn't Change Much between Watergate and the 9/11 Bombings

The 9/11 attacks gave the FBI its biggest black eye in its history. While it had been starved of intelligence about the planned suicide bombing, and cut out of any response because of the belated disclosure of the spying by agent Robert Hanssen for the Soviets for fear that it would would somehow be leaked, the Bureau was still in the process of handing over the new leadership to Robert Mueller - delegating the domestic response to any such problems to the CIA which was most eager to regain the lead in the country's reponse to terrorism anywhere. Without any really important National Security Agency (NSA) intercepts of the messages the suicide bombers were exchanging in preparation for the attacks, the FBI had little chance of connecting the signal intelligence dots of what was afoot, especially since it had forced the retirement of its leading counterterrorist spook, John O'Neill.(1) The planned response was, consequently, most ham-fisted with fifteen unarmed CIA agents, under the direction of Soliticitor General Ted Olson's wife Barbara, it seems, trying to play copper with the 19 highjackers when they were dedicated to killing everyone they could, especially themselves. The only reason that the Bureau wasn't blamed more for the fiasco was because its causes were not easily discernable.(2)" Continues (we hope!


 (we b doing some guessing here little time atm doing so now a little!) we say CODSHIT.CO>UK (50-60%) :) Min!!


It's Wor!   Really; we were asked not to say Mor! :( 
The White Rabbit!

Regular readers always dig deep ... so now the crowd dashed off; Mor Juicy Carrot!  FRACKIT; we think - ALSO CENSORED ASSASSINATION ACCUSATIONS!  Can anyone dig up Mor?  This is a SECOND (we lost the first) .... the site STILL SHOWS DOWNED!

Published in the public interest thus until the whereabouts of the MEP are known!!

""Borisov in CRIM’s sight
The 'attacks' against Borisov in relation to his past activities increase.
The Austrian newspaper  der Standardsaid on 27 June that independent journalists have alerted the newly established Special Committee against Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering (CRIM) in the European Parliament about alledged criminal  suspicions agianst Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov.
The suspicions around the PM’s past appeared from the release of documents by the Wikileaks website.
The sources  were papers of former US Ambassador to Sofia, John Beyerle, in which he named the past relations of Borisov as ‘dark’
The papers accused Borisov of being involved in large-scale methamphetamines smuggling, illegal fuel transactions together with the Bulgarian subsidiary of a Russian company, and money laundering via a Bulgarian bank whose manager at the time was the former girlfriend of Borisov, Tsvetelina Borislavova.
In addition, according to the Austrian daily, the independent journalists claimed that the information about the illegal activities of the prime minister came not only from accused criminals, but also from representatives of OLAF and Europol. The alert was carried out by Atanas Tschobanov, founder of the ‘’ (a website for independent journalistic investigations), Assen Yordanov and the human rights activist Petar Pentschev who was member of the asssociation for free speech ‘Anna Politkovskaya’." 

Last known available location shown (text only/and then not the right article!):

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