Tuesday, 25 September 2012

#COLLAPSE The Crisis & Who Has Power #THEREALNEWS

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Unfortunately, this guys get it, but don't; that alone, should be of note, for all those outside the USA. When even the allegedly 'progessive' still don't get that the two elites that transfer power between each other (or simply steal elections like in 2000 in order to run 911), are CRIMINAL MAFIA ELITES, is not the rest of the world, under a reign of bombs, or radiation rain, of Depleted Uranium, lost?  Until Americans, and especially progressive Americans, dump the Dems, and understand ANY VOTE this election for OBAMA or ROMNEY is a VOTE FOR CONTINUED ENSLAVEMENT, the free world is lost under the mind control slaves unfortunately, with a vote.

We've covered this in the case of Romney Crime Group Numb Nuts who just won't accept facts here:

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