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BREAKING -> Stunning Account - 'How Feds Murder People'
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"Stunning Account - 'How Feds Murder People' - By kathaksung & Aerosol Operation Crimes

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Date: Wednesday, 5-Sep-2012 04:04:27

        Stunning Account - 'How Feds Murder People' - By kathaksung

        September 5, 2012

        When I began reading this article I found it interesting how frank and logical the observations are. Then I remembered the account of how the late Paul Wilcher had tried to deliver a report concerning the tragic holocaust at Waco, Texas and he was beaten up before he could hand in the report to Janet Sterno, and later found dead in his apartment, a very suspicious death, and I found similarities in this post and descriptions of modern, high tech weapons and surveillance devices.

        This article discusses:

        'My American nightmare'

        Psychology intimidation - I think it's possibly a reference to psyops used by THE CON
        Infra-scanner, surveillance behind wall
        ISOTOPE MONEY (How agent find cash savings at your home)
        Microwave killing
        Strange burglaries, etc..
        Tracking and wiretapping
        FBI's profit
        Estranged friends and customers
        The death of old people
        Helicopter Surveillance
        Mind control EM sleep wave
        EM sleep wave
        EM sleep wave in China

        And much more. It is possibly written by a person not completely fluent in English, so bear with the grammar and try to get the ideas from it.

        How Feds murder people
        By kathaksung

        My American nightmare


AKAMAI -stop harrassing:


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