Thursday, 27 September 2012


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Though as regulars already know, we're at completely the opposite end of the spectrum (we also publish - a site about the software which allows ANYONE ON PLANET EARTH to issue a currency) ... we always like to cover all angles.  But really, when GOVERNMENT in bed with BIG BANKS got us into this mess, do you really think GOVERNMENT is the solution?  

Roseanne, the solution is SIMPLE:  REMOVE THE NEED FOR LICENSING BANKS ALL TOGETHER, and let's go back to a bit of FREEMARKET CURRENCY COMPETITION, where the MOST EFFICIENT PROVIDER OF SERVICES WIN; and NEW ENTRANTS do NOT need to go BUY A GOVERNMENT to get a licence to undertake their trade. 

 Meantime, there's bitcoin, and what even bitcoin fans are starting to work out is ACTUALLY THE SOLUTION, the glue between different parts of OUR NEW OCCUPY ECONOMY:  Soon launching, indeed; We think time for rather a few NEW ideas Roseanne, not a time AT ALL for returning ANYTHING into the CORRUPT STATE, but rather, removing ALL THOSE POWERS IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN.  Including the ability to make LEGAL TENDER LAWS, which make SLAVE AMERICANS accept FAKE DOLLARS (in the sum of 15 TRILLION OF THEM, just to recap), that NO ONE ELSE OUT SIDE THE G5 IS EVEN WILLING TO ACCEPT ANYMORE, WORLDWIDE.

What you hadn't heard the banksters BIS?  COLLAPSE ALERT: Legal Tender Not Legal ... 

Really, you shouldn't get so far behind ....

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