Sunday, 30 September 2012

**ALERT** The Shit is About to Hit the Fan PROOF #USA

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Better late (like the last war) than never; signs of real life, really awakening.  Texas too.  If only they realise where the real NAZIS live (just down the road); we're in business! :)  HINT EXAS: read this!

Oops, someone stole the video ... back again!! l;)

"Jesus christ, it's this kind of propoganda that causes wars/terrorist attacks. The views and facts expressed in this video appear to have come from a High School Graduate who o has no grasp on financial or political affairs outside the US. Scary shit and im not talking about the ideas "predicted", rather that people might actually follow this extremist attitude.
bailaresqvivir 1 hour ago

Other than denigration and ad hominem attacks, do you have a valid rebuttal for the information in this video? Or are you just flippin' your lips? Go back to your video games, Bucky, the grown-ups are trying to talk.
RepublicOfTexasTV in reply to bailaresqvivir 53 minutes ago"
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