Sunday, 2 September 2012


Thank you, thank you, thank you Desmond Tutu.  Always an huge exception to the rule that most holding high positions in the Churches (of whatever domination or flavour) are in it out for themselves.  You Sir, have just entered the Annals of The White Rabbit's HUMAN HEROES!

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu Believes George W. Bush and Tony Blair Are War Criminals and Says They Should Be Put on Trial for Starting the Iraq War by tvnportal

The British Church of England; CHURCH OF WAR CRIMINALS!

LONDON - Archbishop Desmond Tutu called Sunday for British ex-leader Tony Blair and former US president George W Bush to face trial in The Hague for their role in the Iraq war.

The South African peace icon, writing in The Observer newspaper, accused the pair of lying about weapons of mass destruction and said the invasion left the world more destabilised and divided "than any other conflict in history".

Tutu argued that different standards appeared to apply for prosecuting African leaders than western counterparts, and added that the death toll during and after the Iraq conflict was sufficient for Blair and Bush to face trial.

"On these grounds alone, in a consistent world, those responsible for this suffering and loss of life should be treading the same path as some of their African and Asian peers who have been made to answer for their actions in The Hague," Tutu wrote in the weekly Sunday newspaper.

"But even greater costs have been exacted beyond the killing fields, in the hardened hearts and minds of members of the human family across the world."

However, Blair responded in a statement saying that "this is the same argument we have had many times with nothing new to say". ... Continues)

They'll let any MASS MURDERING SCUMBAG WHO NEEDS TO BE HUNG, come through their door and FORGIVE HIM, which proves ONCE AND FOR ALL, it's time to DISESTABLISH the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, and perhaps add some more names to HAHA 2012!

There is likely to be some BIG BIG REVELATIONS (so we hear in the Warren), maybe even VIDEO of the TONY BLAIR VATICAN BANK PAYOFFS, coming onto the Net (we're certainly LIVING IN HOPE on this one) ... BE WARNED WORLD; if you don't make any such release VIRAL IMMEDIATELY, the DARK CABAL MAFIA DVD will disappear that, just like they DISAPPEARED the MAFIA MITT CHINA FEMA CAMP SLAVES VIDEO ADMISSIONS (right on this site here!).  

Only the brave survive and thrive in a time of UNIVERSAL DECEIT.  You do know who REALLY killed Osama Bin Laden don't you, and that NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON (so you know EXACTLY who has RUN A MILITARY COUP AGAINST THE US CITIZENRY; yes, those very same people you hold up in SUCH high regard AMERICANS, your MILITARY TOP BRASS.

Goodness; how can you STILL not understand this when the WHOLE WORLD HAS BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE SOCIALIST NAZI COUP that took place on 11th September to hide THESE TRUTH FROM YOU; the MOON BASES (and many other things, on planet, like the ERON AND WORLDCOM/MCI FRAUDS that would of couse, have BROUGHT DOWN THE VERY PEOPLE who ran the conspiracy from the INSIDE, as the CIA Asset told you right here!

The White Rabbit!
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Desmond Tutu calls for Bush & Blair to be tried at The Hague by PressTV


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