Thursday, 27 September 2012

#911 Former CIA Asset Susan Lindauer on 9/11 #911TRUTH

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Former CIA Asset Susan Lindauer on 9/11 (Part 1)

If you don't know who Susan Lindauer is, nor why she is significant, perhaps THE most significant WHISTLE-BLOWER since SIBEL EDMONDS, then wow, are you missing out.  Simply put, on our sister site's youtube channel, the Susan Lindauer video has gone BALLISTIC.  In fact, we embed that First, right now; watch it if you have not.


Now you're up to speed, the latest update in the saga!  As you now know, and from the inside; the saga of CIA COMPLICITY IN 911 from a CIA ASSET; the one and very much the only, SUSAN LINDAUER - IRAQ LIAISON PRE-911 for the CIA!!!  Of course, the word is getting out, RIGHT ON THIS SITE, with the WORD OF THE JUDGE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF ITALY now translated into ENGLISH and SPANISH (hopefully French and Portuguese translations next!).  What, you haven't read that either, CONFIRMING FBI AND CIA INVOLVEMENT PRIOR to the ATTACKS:

"It's eleven years after 9/11, and for many people, the events leading up to that fateful day are still shrouded in mystery. Pleas from the families of the victims for a new investigation have been ignored. Calls to help, financially, and otherwise, the heroic rescue workers that risked their lives that day have been determined by those in power to be unimportant. Questions that have been raised by the general public concerning the sheer absurdity of say, how a hi-jackers passport could be found on the ground in mint condition or how building 7 could collapse on its own have been discarded by the uninformed as being irrelevant.Thankfully, there are people out there that can help us as a society piece together how this terrible event happened, and one of those people is Susan Lindauer. A former CIA asset at the highest level, Susan's story and testimony counteracts any notion that the 9/11 attacks came out of nowhere, and that they simply could not be predicted.
What follows is Part 1 of our interview with Susan; Part 2 will be released this coming Monday 1st October. Enjoy."

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