Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#WW3 日本 - Fukushima - Depopulation USA #AGENDA21

OK, so now we've broken in the regular readers of The White Rabbit, who now understand so much more than so many, and at so many more levels than most, the truths of our time, it's time to really start to get to grips with the reality of the current reality (sic). From now on, we're taking off the kid gloves!  We ask if you cannot handle what we're publishing from now on, you go back to the MSM Mind Control Box; they will surely keep you all happy and fluffy, with images of the Olympics, and other distractions from YOUR DESIGNED DEATH.

But for  those who want the truth, and for the even fewer that can actually handle it, here we have a high level discussion bringing together (for the first time) MANY of the higher level subjects covered on this blog.  Be warned if you're a newbie, this is stuff you may simply have such a WTF moment about, you dismiss it.  We have created many links on this page, and of course, we have now just under 3,000 posts on this blog made by The White Rabbit in one of the biggest occupy truth dumps available anywhere on Planet Internet.

If you cannot get yourself to believe the truth, you need review those previous posts; they contain all the proofs any RATIONAL human would ever need: only the willfully blind deny it.

For the regular readers of The White Rabbit, you already know the truth of the vast majority of the statements made in this broadcast/interview.  The ELF and Microwave attacks on activists (including Marina Meadows and Family, a lady that comments on this blog), HAARP and it's role in creating EARTHQUAKES, which of course, create TSUNAMIS.  You already know all about the ROGUE DHS AGENCY, and the mass mind control agenda being implemented to distract and delude the masses into such an unreal state of reality, that they become nothing more than PASSIVE COWS, ready to be milked, by the elites, and the aliens, yes, those aliens that ARE on at least some credible accounts, ABDUCTING HUMANS CHILDREN, and yes, indeedy, in cahoots with the hopelessly corrupt elites at least in the USA.  So now, bringing it all together, we present Leuren Moret, nuclear scientist, and Alfred Lebremont Webre.  If you've been struggling to understand the threads of this blog; struggling to join the dots together ... this one is for YOU!

No doubt if you are a new reader, that hasn't yet worked out this blog is trafficked by the most intelligent people on this planet, visiting now from over 130 countries (we get lots of other traffic, but most of it isn't smart enough to understand the content on this blog), nor how it all DOES tie together, you perhaps need to listen to the Mayor of Fukushima himself tell you HOW THE CHILDREN WERE TOLD TO EVACUATE INTO THE RADIATION CLOUD, not away from it:

Maybe you don't understand the NAZI agenda (or are in denail of it like the German Jews before you); maybe you never read history, never heard of the JEWISH HOLOCAUST; never understood how the Jews who are RELIGIOUS, have been used now for over 65 years by the KHAZAR pretend Jew ROTHSCHILDS as PAWNS (whilst the various international RELATED Rothschild banks PROFITED FROM THE DEATHS OF MILLIONS by FINANCING BOTH SIDES OF THE WARS) ... people to go off to the slaughter, to create the ONE WORLD ROTHSCHILD OWNED (via the FAKE FIAT MONEY PONZI SCHEME of the last four hundred years, reimposed) GLOBAL GOVERNMENT?  Maybe you don't understand the very nature of the GENETICS OF THE JAPANESE IS JEWISH (an area in which we ourselves needed to be informed, BY A JAPANESE READER, who clearly understands too, the AGENDA 21 AT WORK by the ILLUMINATI WORLD WAR THREE (which is ALREADY IN PROGRESS FOLKS, covertly).

Maybe you really are that brainwashed by the MSM that you do not understand that the WHOLE WORLD (outside of America) understands that GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, is a NAZI, as was his father, who was a CONVICTED NAZI WAR PROFITEER (loaning money to NAZIS in GERMANY, DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR, in breach of every known law of America about BEING AN ENEMY OF AMERICA, a crime for which he was CONVICTED); financing the HOLOCAUST OF THE JEWISH RACE (those genetically actually Jewish, unlike ROTHSCHILD).

Maybe you don't understand that GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH is the NAZI that has already run RACIST MASS STERILIZATION PROGRAM ON NATIVE AMERICANS and PUERTO RICANS, that GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH is PERSONALLY conducting WORLD WAR THREE:  THE NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST OF THE PLANET EARTH; spreading RADIOACTIVE NUCLEAR WASTE ACROSS THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST; to ensure the MASTER RACE (you know, as usual, the WHITE GUYS), dominate.  Of course the Chinese and Japanese might just get in the way of that plan due to their sheer numbers, hence the DESIGNED DESTRUCTION OF LIFE IN ASIA on a SCALE HITHERTO UNIMAGINED by the use of HAARP and NUCLEAR BOMBS to create TSUNAMIS, and SPREAD RADIOACTIVITY right across the planet earth, but mainly of course, directed towards JAPANESE (who have JEWISH GENETICS).  Now if all of this is news, fact is:

You Personally ARE THE PROBLEM.  

If you are one of the ZOMBIE NDAA DRONES (now infecting America in their hundreds of millions) who neither know (nor care) about FREEDOM, LIBERTY, nor LAW . Time to get on the right side of history, forget the party politics, forget the nationalistic, jingoistic war cries for WAR WITH IRAN to obtain the NUKE TECHNOLOGY PERSONALLY ILLEGALLY SOLD FOR PROFIT BY A MEMBER OF YOUR OWN STATE DEPARTMENT (you know, as evidenced ON OATH in COURT and presented on this blog now, well; WELL OVER five months ago (and of course, that evidence has been available online since it was first recorded in court in the USA, back on 9th August 2009 (you know, seven years or so AFTER THE STATE GAGGED THIS BRAVEST WOMAN IN AMERICA).

The White Rabbit!
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  1. Radiation, BP Oil Spill, the blowing of the 3 Mississippi river levee's???

    COuld events actually be triggered through large-scale events? I mean, earth/weather climate type events.

    Than there is all this Weather Modification, ionoshpere modification and weather seeding, even that earthquake box that Nikola Tesla designed.

    I haven't even got to cybersecurity and I can already say, it's gonna be a bumpy rid3

  2. W3 n33D TST(Television Station Takeover), tuesday's lol


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