Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What is Post Ignorance - by the conceiver Kevin Blanche

What a contrast, having you had the unfortunate happenstance to have had an American NAZI robot contact us (you know, to send a bit of abuse for daring to suggest the US SEALS deserve no holding up in the light, when they are engaged in assassinating Americans in contravention of every known precept of the American Constitution ... never mind the immorality of allowing POLITICAL ASSASSINATION against ANY individual).  Next, we bumped into one of our favourite Americans of the moment, cancer sufferer Kevin Blanche (who as we find out in this video, is an ex-derivatives trader no less).  Such a contrast; the NAZI robot 'smug' in his retirement (and no doubt oblivious to his constitutional duties as a citizen to uphold the constitution), and a guy, dying, literally, to tell you the INFORMED TRUTH about so many subjects.  One deserves the Presidential Medal of Honor, and the other, the opprobrium of all ... busy enjoying his retirement (on the slavery of the planet); content to keep eating the cupcakes, and pretending all is fine, whilst billions starve, and millions get DU'd.

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YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION OF TRUTH my top dog as it were.. I lived in West Valley City, Utah in the early 80's it was a repressive and backwards environment for an abused artist. I was schooled in myth, encyclopedia and deep masonic mystery.. for what purpose I am only aware of in simple insane amounts of truth as she is revealed to me..thank you for your help my friend, and you truly have no idea of how much help you have been.. thank you for sharing your truth, knowledge and courage   MsJustanotherhuman 14 hours ago"

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