Friday, 31 August 2012

#MUSIC Spectator Official Video - Logic - Peoples Army

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208,432 views is a joke.. deserves millions

junglebeartv 1 month ago 55 "

We ever so heartily agree ... Especially in the lyrics about Africa; once again, in the ILLUMINATI EYE, to be ROBBED, RAPED, and for it's ASSETS to be STRIPPED, and 'paid for' by CORRUPT MULTINATIONALS bribing politicians across the continent, with a BAG OF MONEY in one hand, and a THREAT IMPLICIT, take it, OR ELSE.

Don't think it's the black man's fault (that's the mind control they want you to think), listen up to EX-NSA TRAINED DESTROYER OF NATIONS, and an AMERICAN NATIONAL, who will explain to you EXACTLY how the system of 'development' works.  Take the money (personally, and the NATION take the ROTHSCHILD loans), or else; if they don't take the money, they get the bullet, and if they can't get the bullet in them, then they send in the ARMY.  That simple.

Afghanistan; explained solely in those terms; the Taliban wouldn't keep the Heroin flowing, and they wouldn't take the bribes. ILLUMINATI MURDERED OVER ONE MILLION INNOCENT AFGHANS in consequence, and STILL they are BUST!

What a bunch of MURDEROUS CLOWNS we **ALLOW** to do this IN OUR NAME.  We say, NO MORE; time for JAIL FOR THESE MURDERING TERRORISTS (whether Taliban or Rothschild).

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"Respect.. The signs are out there for everyone to see... But blind eyes don't see and brainwashed people don't think... the all seeing eye is everywhere!! It's on the Dollar Bill. Fight it, wake up people... Fuck the Zionist Illuminati .. Killuminati
beirutunderground 1 month ago in playlist Favorite videos12 "

Uploaded by chosenlogic1 on Jul 3, 2011
Track Taken from latest project, 'LISTEN' available from now...

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