Saturday, 18 August 2012

#LAW An Act To Hang Cameron & Hague #Hague4Hague

URGENT- updated version (now serious)

DRAFT v.0.01 (just for the lulz version; will get it sorted ready for tabling ASAP)

"1. DAVID CAMERON, CONVICTED WAR CRIMINAL, convicted {insert day of passage of Act) by the Court of Parliament (the HIGHEST COURT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, for the avoidance of the DOUBT of any JUDGES who will HANG if they DISOBEY, DELAY or ATTEMPT in ANY WAY to interfere with the COURT of PARLIAMENT in this matter) do hereby declare DAVID CAMERON BE HUNG IN THE SQUARE OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT WITHIN ONE HOUR of the PASSANGE (sic) of this ACT.

2. One above shall be LIVE-STREAMED ACROSS THE INTERNET GLOBALLY AT UK TAXPAYERS EXPENSE with the apologies from ALL PERSONS of CONSCIENCE in the UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN and NORTHERN IRELAND (we should have dealt with the NAZI financiers in control of the UK as warned about by EISENHOWER and KENNEDY. Sorry. On it now ;)).

3. In the interests of Government Efficiency (3 for the price of 2) and Cosmic Security: the Lunatic prancing around the globe known as Tony Blair shall also be hung (hooray!);

4. Oh go on then; Lord Rothschild and Lord Sassoon too! Why not, PUBLIC HOLIDAY too! :)

5. Britain shall hereby be returned to legal government forthwith, oh and:

6. Assange be Given Safe Passage From The UK to any destination for the avoidance of doubt, the heads of MI5 and MI6 and The Joint Chiefs of Staff shall all HANG if Julian Assange does not arrive at his destination ALIVE AND WELL."

Contact your MP if you are in the UK.  Once we get to version ONE we will ask EVERYONE who is an MP to respond (or be assumed to also be a NAZI WAR FINANCIER's MINION).  They too can be added to what we hope will be a list that doesn't have to grow too long, but you never know ... Maybe we'll have to HANG THEM ALL (once we retake Parliament, perhaps with a new party, if necessary).

Add your MP's name as a comment if they will not vote to HANG DAVID CAMERON and WILLIAM HAGUE if they order the INVASION of ECUADORIAN SOVEREIGN TERRITORY in breach of all known accepted INTERNATIONAL LAWS.


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