Tuesday, 7 August 2012

#ISRAEL Censored Netanyahu Insanity #IDF #IRAN #WW3

Now CENSORED in ISRAEL by order of the MADMAN Netanyahu, intent on starting ARMAGEDDON, just to HE gets a place in the history books.  Of course, with Shin Bet HERO coming out to tell us all it's NOT JUST NETANYAHU is INSANE, but also his defence minister, it's hardly suprising the INSANE NETANYAHU is CENSORING this ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCE CHIEF, also telling you ONLY A MADMAN WOULD INVADE IRAN right now, over NON-EXISTENT nuclear bombs, you know, that like the IRAQI Chemical Weapons, once a few million MORE are dead, they come along and ADMIT THEY KNEW DIDN'T EXIST.  A cult indeed, controls Israel; a CULT OF DEATH.. The world can only hope that the honourable men of the IDF and Shin Bet, do not allow the INSANITY of their MESSIANIC delusional RELIGIOUS leader who has also seized political power (always a problem in ANY Sate with a STATE RELIGION {u know, FASCIST, like; jinder of state and religion} but not), ENSURE Israel is WIPED OFF THE MAP.  We know the good  people, the many, the MAJORITY of ISRAELIS, you know, the RATIONAL ones, cannot wish for this INSANITY.

"Published on Jul 30, 2012 by richards1052

In this Nana TV news report, the correspondent reports that IDF chief has criticized the prospect that Israel might attack Iran. The defense minister ordered the report removed from the station's website. But we offer it here."

The the world in this moment of pause, collectively hope the rational will regain power in Israel.  Whilst they are still alive to do so.  Won't be much longer, not if Netanyahu and the other would be mass murderers get their way.


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