Thursday, 30 August 2012

#FREEDOMFEST Silver-Tongued Libertarian Gods #ANARCHY

There's simply NOTHING more TERRIFYING than the idea of VOLUNTARISM catching on (they always call it by it's other name, which they mind-control the masses with; ANARCHY).  But to the NON-DUMBED DOWN, ANARCHY is a STATE with NO INVOLUNTARY CONTRACTS, at all.  That means NO VIOLENCE, EVER.  With that one line, and with an understanding of the FACT that the VERY NATURE OF THE STATE IS TO HOLD A MONOPOLY ON VIOLENCE ... well now, you've just learned if you didn't already know, why the ANARCHISTS, terrify the living daylights out of those who USE VIOLENCE, you know, to ILLEGALLY INVADE COUNTRIES, to MAKE YOU PAY YOUR TAXES, and oh, well now, just about EVERY OTHER LAST THING THE STATE DOES.

Simply put, NOTHING terrifies the CRIMINALS who run the STATE, more than YOU PERSONALLY realising you have NO RIGHT (save self defence or defence of others from VIOLENT ATTACK) to use VIOLENCE against ANYONE, EVER, AT ALL.  Because once YOU PERSONALLY realise that, well, you'll soon enough realise that a POWER YOU DO NOT HAVE, CANNOT BE HANDED (aka DELEGATED) to anyone ... you know, the STATE.  Simple, really.  So now you know VOLUNTARY CONTRACTS = VOLUNTARISM = ANARCHY.  Of course, if you currently think ANARCHY is a VIOLENT meme, well now, you need accept, and REAL FAST, that you're under MIND CONTROL.

"FreedomFest with Laissez-Faire Books in Las Vegas!

Here's the lineup, in order of appearance:

Robert Murphy, speaking on alternative educational institutions
Wendy McElroy, speaking on the topic of her new book, The Art of Being Free
Jeffrey Tucker, on "defying the plan through your own digital civilization"
Douglas French, on how spreading liberty is "not just for non-profits anymore"
Jacob Huebert, on private forms of security and dispute-management, and
Stefan Molyneux, on "redefining communities of peace and learning"

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