Thursday, 9 August 2012

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We believe in fair and balanced reporting, when ever it doesn't involved the scum of the earth who HAVE no good side, the BANKSTERS, so in the interests of that fairness, and especially as we have on site at least two, possibly three or slightly more videos covering this subject from the side of the victim, we needed to balance that out with something, now in our possession, from the 'other side'.  If all of this suggestion of RITUAL SATANIC CULTS IN SCOTLAND has missed you by, that's, well now, as we're increasingly literally working out, due to the SATANIC CONTROL of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  That said, if you are new, you'd better start with the background:

Of course, with our last few days, and the realisation The Pet Goat was quite literally a Satanic HUMAN SACRIFICE CEREMONY, well now, the ladies in this, really need to wake up a little, even if they are entirely innocent of these particular allegations made, they sure look WRONG WRONG WRONG now when they suggest there is no SATANIC WORSHIPING going on in SCOTLAND, the very home, indeed, of the SCOTTISH RITE OF FREE-MASONRY, which we now do know for sure (even if the vast majority of it's initiates don't), really, really is at it's highest levels, WITHOUT DOUBT a SATAN WORSHIPPING CULT, and it would seem, a HIGHLY MURDEROUS ONE at that.

To be clear, we take no position on the guilt or innocence of the persons interviewed.  Until (and unless) this matter is heard in court (which is the problem, it is not being), this travesty for all concerned, will continue on.  The victims, and the accused, neither obtaining justice (whether that be convictions, or acquittals).


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"Published on Jul 26, 2012 by FREEDOMCENTRAL

This is a live recording of Freedom Central's radio broadcast that was aired on Finding Voices Radio on 22 July 2012.

This was an opportunity for those calling themselves the "Hollie Greig Hoax Group", to air their views about the alleged abuse of Hollie Greig.

Freedom Central was joined on air by two of the accused, Sylvia Major and Wyn Dragon-Smith, along with Sarah McLeod, Rachel Keeley and a lady calling herself Lateks Lil.

There is some off air conversation at the end of the interview, as well as some correspondence from Anne Greig to Freedom Central about the contents of the show, as well as our response. "

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