Thursday, 30 August 2012


When the Prime Thief of Britain, David Camaroon Cameron; chief thief leader of the Dark Cabal enslaving Humanity with it's FAKE FIAT FRAUD Bank of England (which NO ONE ON PLANET EARTH REALLY KNOWS WHO OWNS) .... stand not arrested and not charged ...

With the ENTIRE SLAVE CAMP OF THE UK now BURIED under UN-REPAYABLE DEBTS like the THIRD WORLD NATION it now is ... as per our 6th ever post (you cannot say we didn't warn you!) ... 

With the PARLIAMENTARY RECORD DISAPPEARING FAST of the ONLY KNOWN HONEST LORD in the entire NATION of the UNITED KINGDOM to speak out about the KNOWN NAZI ROGUE DHS AGENCY blackmailing and LAUNDERING TRILLIONS through the UK and GERMANY (along with using 20 European Banks to do it, making MILLIONS of UNTAXED, UNDECLARED profits, for his ETON BUDDIES in his KITCHEN CABINET (know you know why so tight knit folks ;), and with the HMRC and the POLICE and the INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES all obviously IN ON IT ...

With the PRIME THIEF CHIEF DAVID DARK CABAL CAMEROON CAMERON (war criminal mass murderer, like Tony Blair before him) saying it's RIGHT AND JUST for teenagers to get PRISON for drinking stolen water (30 days) whilst the CRIMINAL SCUM IN THE CITY RAPES AND STEALS ACROSS THE PLANET ENSLAVING AND DESTROYING ENTIRE NATIONS and leaving people SHOOTING THEMSELVES to escape the HORROR ...   the horror of DESIGNED GENOCIDE..

With all of that, finally, one man has started the MORAL FIGHTBACK.  Not just no, but HELL NO.  If the law has been brought into DISREPUTE and now PROTECT THE CRIMINALS and NOT the public, it's time to TAKE A STAND, even if that does mean JAIL. 

"A university professor and the street of cars scratched with a better class of graffiti

University professor Stephen Graham was arrested after 24 cars were damaged in an affluent streThe cars were vandalised with a screwdriver and were etched with the words 'very silly' and 'arbitrary'

The damage is estimated to have cost £20,000

By Paul Sims
PUBLISHED: 22:03 GMT, 29 August 2012 | UPDATED: 09:03 GMT, 30 August 2012

Victims of graffiti commonly find themselves painting over misspelled profanities or scrubbing out obscene drawings.

But when the residents of Northumberland Gardens woke to find their luxury cars had been vandalised, the tone was rather more – polite.

Words including ‘very silly’, ‘really wrong’ and ‘arbitrary’ had been scratched into the paintwork with a screwdriver. (continues) ..."


What a very proud moment for every law-abiding Brit ... AT LAST; the FIGHTBACK COMMENCES .... 


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