Thursday, 30 August 2012

#DRAKE Revolution 2012 USA - Mid Week Update #MILITIA

A man and program that needs no introduction to regulars.  No matter what you might say, this guy, we support in both attempting to prepare Americans for a different life than one worshipping the false idols of money, power, and FUCK YOU ASSHOLE ... And also, for his perceptive understanding of the exopolitical dimension to all geopolitics, an area in which we share his understanding, that it's not about the lights in the skies, but THE LIES ON THE GROUND about the SUPPRESSED TECH!

You know, the tech that we can and MUST get released into the PUBLIC domain. ;)

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We do undestand so many find Drake so hard to take, but we don't and we don't care frankly if you're struggling to keep up; WORK HARDER AT IT.  We've hardly slept since 2002/3, when we were CONFRONTED by the UNREAL nature of reality ... And let The White Rabbit tell you, at least DRAKE is talking about the REAL ISSUES.  Survival; friendship; family; VALUES. ;)

Get on with making your pile of worthless fiat if you must; let history forget you as it will.

For those awake and aware enough to PUSH ascension 2012; Drake is a MUST NOT MISS, at least once every few weeks.  To try is not necessary to succeed.  But to sit BEGGING ON YOUR KNEES, well now, that's not something we support (nor Drake) at all.  And frankly, we admire his patience with the endless number of really stupid questions he must deal with.

If you can handle exopolitics, by those in the know, and you've missed it on this blog in the flurry of NAZI DVD disclosures, you might want to try this:

Of course, we found it so ironic that for someone with so much deep insider military knowledge (as opposed to us, the mere The White Rabbit!) that we NAILED IT GOOD and PROPER, right here, MONTHS before heh!

You know, like we nailed the VATICAN before most (if not all), too:

heh .... U gotta be reading ....


The White Rabbit!
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