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WE LOST ALL FORMATTING & ALL THE HYPERLINKS (Use the Search top left or mid right any page); search way - the truth isn't out there, it's on Operation #OTB ;)

Hint & Tip: We Think She Has Her Ticket! ;) :( Though we're not sure yet ... it SCREAMS at us. If you don't understand the first statement, startDOX 15 trillion fraud or House of Lords 2010 maybe; otherwise, you can take your pick from the delectably tasty (though not quite in how YOU Human, think, or as you THINK, you are HUMAN, if you are in the United kingdom)) links on this site (one of only two we know of in the UK publishing this D-NOTICED TRUTH.

Of course if you're AMERICAN or CANADIAN, you really need WATCH HEAR AND SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW THE BRAVEST MAN IN BRITAIN IS TRYING TO BLOW WIDE OPEN YOUR DARK CABAL ROGUE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY ENTITIES, in the House of Lords 2012 ... With the most Heroic Lord of England Ever To Grace The Planet Earth: Lord Blackheath: downfall of .... The DARK CABAL ...

Proudly in association with this site, Occupy The Banks, & now many others around the planet (MSM in IRAN is the only one NOT controlled by the DARK CABAL currently, though we're hopeful PRAVDA may step up to the plate, and we're REALLY HOPING MAX KEISER will finally get his shit together on this subject and BLOWING WIDE OPEN THE DARK CABAL CONTROL OF PLANET EARTH and to be clear, we have and continue to BACK FULLY PERSONALLY,: The White Hats.

Really, we did warn you right hear just yesterday, that now with over 2700+ truth posts [last 50 click the WEEK you want in NAVIGATION ... rather than the story ;)] on this site(plus a whole host of pointing out HOW you are currently controlled (without many of you knowing it).

Crikey, we're still the only organisation promoting the actual SOLUTION (and it's NOT just the solution to the WORLDS problem right now, it's the SOLUTION to how we ORGANISE THE ENTIRE PLANET, REAL-TIME, including TRANSITIONING IT from this old, dark cabal direction towards DESTRUCTION OF NOT JUST HUMANITY but most of the rest of the life-forms on this beautiful place [that we currently beleive we will NEVER be able to know where, EXACTLY, it even freaking *is* before we do it].

Now we would move to more difficulty areas: synergising all this truth data into what is really going on (when you start to connect *ALL* the dots). You have no idea how difficult it is for us to even attempt such a huge task. But set it we have. If you struggle to understand from now on ... The White Rabbit! ... Go BACKWARDS in this site until you pick up what we are talking about again. We will start to back-link in (e.g. as above) as we go along but frankly, events move apace at a clip NEVER BEFORE EXPERIENCED by mankind, nor indeed: ... The White Rabbit! Come now, let's continue the Ride ... wonderland indeed.


Deborah 'Cover-Up The Cover Ups' Glass

"Deborah Glass is the Deputy Chair of the IPCC. She is also the Commissioner for London and has IPCC oversight of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and City of London Police.

Like all operational Commissioners, Deborah is responsible for overseeing and taking ultimate responsibility for IPCC investigations, casework and the promotion of public confidence in the complaints system (known as guardianship). Deborah is the Commission lead on the police use of firearms and less lethal options (with Rachel Cerfontyne).

As well as being the Deputy Chair of the IPCC, Deborah has oversight for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the City of London Police. Like all operational Commissioners, Deborah is responsible for overseeing and taking ultimate responsibility for IPCC investigations, casework and the promotion of public confidence in the complaints system (known as guardianship), but in the case of the MPS, she also allocates responsibility for individual MPS cases to other Commissioners. Deborah is the Commission lead on police use of firearms and less lethal options (with Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne).

Having qualified as a lawyer in Melbourne, Australia, Deborah Glass practiced there before joining a US investment bank in Switzerland. Joining the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission at its inception in 1989, she was instrumental in raising standards for the investment management industry, later becoming Senior Director.

Upon moving to London in 1998 she was Chief Executive of the Investment Management Regulatory Organisation until the completion of its merger with the Financial Service Authority. Subsequently she was appointed to the Police Complaints Authority, of which she was a member from 2001 to 2004. In 2004 she was appointed to the Independent Police Complaints Commission which replaced the PCA. In 2008 Deborah was appointed Deputy Chair.

She was an Independent Custody Visitor to police stations in her London borough from 1999 to 2005, chairing the local panel for two years.

Deborah was awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours List 2012."


The world needs to understand the terror terrible truths of the MURDER OF MILIONS FOR PROFIT, BRITAIN'S 9/11 ... And the TRUTHS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WON'T TELL YOU:

Source: (text only)

A Dark Cabal Corrupted Institution in the heart of the Dark Cabal Capital of Planet Earth titled:


Note, the above is an EXACT copy taken from the site (before it will be amended) for the purposes of preserving evidence, if of nothing else, totally incompetent writing appearing on the IPPC website. <g> But read on friend ... for this story, we promise you, is only just beginning.


- child abduction (and murder for profit or favour?)

- police pedophilia?

Most incredibly, the first of these three possibility, is potentially the most well, simply, dark.
The Dark Cabal Centre of Power in Law Enforcement in the United Kingdom (and thus most of the world, via LEGAL COOPERATION TREATIES and International Law ;). We are just about to to be publishing much, MUCH more on this person and this institution (today we hope today). But the legal situation is still unclear so .... we don't (and of course, won't) publish before we're legally capable). .... But we just thought we'd let you know we HAVE GOT a POLICE PRESS STATEMENT ABOUT THE DOXED 'Lady' ... And ORDER of the BRITISH (Banksters) FAKE FIAT FRAUD ROTHSCHILD ***EMPIRE***. Coming up for sure!! :) And 
you're not going to believe it! Check back soon! Mor tasty than the sight of George & Tony Hanging from their  WAR CRIMINAL necks....  Not to MENTION THE LORDS & LADIES WHO HAVE THEIR TICKET.  

Perhaps Lord Strathclyde could assist with whether they do or not?  After all, he's definitively DARK CABAL, it would clearly seem from this DOX.  If not ... there's always ...

Their pills ... their GMO ... their REALITY TV ... U know ... U can always go back to sleep human; in fact, you may have no choice in the matter soon enough.  U know, it's not like you haven't been given enough data to know what's going on.  The trouble is, you still won't believe it will you stupid human.  You cannot ascend; and understand the fake fiat mind control of humanity, that controls all energy on planet earth right now .. (crikey, that might even be sucking it through the sun literally into spaceships, but now I get distracted, but only a tiny bit, because as PHYSICS tells us, EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

Where all the energy goes: BIS; controllers; Fed; BoE ... and we have all the EVIDENCE THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS TOO...

I mean mere Human, we know you're dumb COWS ... (like coming up on that word next) :)

But how much more can we point out the MEANS and the METHODS until you TAKE ACTION.  Certainly looks like things are stirring WORLDWIDE ... But now ... Will it be the people's new system, or the BANKSTERS NEXT SYSTEM ... The Banksters are busy deciding; are YOU human?

The White Rabbit!
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