Sunday, 12 August 2012

#DOCUMENTARY Mind Control - Targeted Individuals #CIA

We've have finally found a video to introduce you to the horror of being a Targeted Individual. One of our earlier regulars, and one of the people we've been entirely unable to help so far, is Marina Meadows. Her ENTIRE FAMILY IS BEING DESTROYED, in the State of FLORIDA. Why?

Well now, that would be for having attempted to EXPOSE CORRUPTION.  Please give her support, please HELP HER in any way you you can:  the details of her case(s) are better explained by Marina, in her own words.  Do please watch the following video, and then HELP: and We wish to apologize to Marina personally, and all her family for not covering this issue earlier (it's the oldest issue in our pile of backlogged issues regulars).  Marina, the reason for the delay:  we ourselves were targeted.

The sheer horror of this, is that this tech IS being used now IN EUROPE by these SCUM.  Time is so very short now.  Christian free will itself, will soon no longer be with us; our own thoughts, no longer our own.  To the man who published the HUGE TOWERS in Nevada with the black boxes on top.  We suspect you may now understand their use; NATIONWIDE BEAMING of ELF.  Once you allow your President to murder and torture and target assassinate people internationally, did  you really think what you agreed was FINE to use on foreigners, would not be used on you at home.  Do you not understand HUMAN RIGHTS, are not based on NATIONALITY, you idiot!  So now, the goose has come home, and laid it's eggs, NATIONWIDE.  And you really, really are in deep shit, across the ENTIRE NATION.  To those that 'don't believe' this is going on, don't be such a fool.  Soon, this tech will be owing the world from SPACE.  And once that is done, there is NO ESCAPE WORLDWIDE.  Perfect for the DARK CABAL; total global control.  Anyone complains, gets uppity; zap.  No reeducation camps required; just the flick of a switch.  The call for WAR INSIDE AMERICA was made by the Canadian Ex-Defence Minister back iin 2010 (not that you are aware you MIND CONTROLLED SLAVE)....  Why don't you find out the DEPTH OF THE LIES, right here on Occupy The Banks.

If you're struggling with any of this, perhaps if you don't believe the witnesses in the above video, you might take it from the Ex-Finnish Minister for Health; herself a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL, targeted, for exposing these techniques.  You can see them in operation, in the interview itself.  What about a UK CHILD VICTIM, linked to the UNDERGROUND BASES where the NSA has been conducting GENETIC EXPERIMENTS on KIDNAPPED BRITISH PEOPLE?  If you don't want what is happening and HAS BEEN HAPPENING for TEN WHOLE YEARS to Marina Meadows AND FAMILY (including children), to you and YOUR FAMILY (including CHILDREN)  it's time to get REAL BUSY FOLKS, tracking down and JAILING the DARK CABAL:  Marina often cannot post to her blog, but this morning managed to get a post live, here is an extract:

" Of course it is still a Horror to live the way we still today totally controlled everywhere we go, lacking Freedom and Rights, and also loosing our health because in this house we were forced to be in we are having our organs getting damaged affecting our sleep, stomachs, brain and much more, this “hissing sound” is so bad that thin layers of skin and watery liquid keep coming out of my ears every morning; my sons weight is worst everyday, my mother you can imagine!, but it is a relief knowing that it is real because when we are out all bad symptoms disappear and we feel really good, like re-charging a battery, the longer you stay out the better you feel; I gone as far as bringing people in, that are in the surroundings to confirm that they can hear it as well as my family can. It is terrifying to know that this past week I have been contacting so many Gov.Officials, and still are allowing our health to keep on damaging, this is a silent killer that really kills!".

You can contact Marina Meadows directly on: - do note it may be months before she is able to reply.

UPDATE: VIDEO IN FROM MARINA (one of the few she's been able to get out):

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