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"Mind you I’m an heiress, mother of three daughters, grandmother of six grandchildren, fashion designer, photographer, gourmet cook, snow/water skier & writer. I’m SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy’s 2nd removed sister-in-law & he was my attorney from 1969-1978. But, what the hell do I know that would relate in any way to this video? You decide.

Well I grew up in Sacramento California the Capital of this state, surrounded by politicians my whole youth. I even spent a fair amount of time working for the Republican Party in the summers and after school on the phone to help get out the vote in election years. That’s just what Sacramento teenagers did in our day.

But I hated politics going back as far as I can remember and I only worked for the Republicans because that’s what my father was, a Republican. I was all of between the ages of twelve & sixteen years old dreaming about being a wife & mother with a beautiful home like my mother had and studying to be a fashion designer.

I have no idea what political party my mother Winifred C Kaseberg belonged to if any? She was just a beautiful person with extraordinary talent and very good with people. An only child managing her grandfather’s 80-thousand acre sheep ranch singlehandedly, loved to entertain. Her most favorite quote in life was, “If you don’t learn from history Sweetie, you’re bound to repeat it.”

My father, Robert A Breuner was the youngest of five brothers also in the third generation of running a family business, Breuner’s Furniture throughout Northern California. He was a jovial soul and very improper. His most favorite quote in life was, “Family is our greatest asset Debbie dear; family always comes first.” I of course respected this quote but couldn’t figure out why my father treated my beautiful mother so unrespectfully? For a man that respected family he was a hypocrite!

I am the youngest of four daughters my mother gave birth to between two husbands. My father was her second; my sister Kitty and I are his full-blooded daughters; my sisters Winnie & Jennie are from my mother’s first marriage. Winnie and I are twenty years apart, Jennie fifteen years older than me, Kitty ten years my senior.

My relationship with my sisters was interesting. They didn’t like me much because I was many years younger or at least this is what I believed growing up?

Enter Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy my sister Kitty’s friend whom I first noticed always around when I was about thirteen years old. His parents were friends of my parents so I’m sure he’d been around before this, I just never noticed before now? He also came from an old Sacramento family and his father was a well-known attorney. Tony’s brother, Tim was also an attorney whom I adored.

Tony And Tim never missed Christmas through New Years every year on Lake Tahoe at my mother’s cabin. My father thought Tony was the greatest human being who ever lived? I’m confident he wished he’d had a son like Tony Kennedy. All he had were women surrounding him! Don’t know how my mother felt? Don’t know how either of them felt about Tim Kennedy?

I thought Tony was a very arrogant guy wearing glasses? I was not impressed. Tim was the funniest human being I’d ever known.

As I grew older I began to realize that our whole family’s world was full of politicians & attorneys of one form or another. If my mother weren’t entertaining people like candidates and judges at her Christmas parties my father was hunting with judges in the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Plus he was a Mason, Shriner & president of the Chamber of Commerce.

What this would all mean to me later in life I had no clue at the time.

The next thing I recall was Tim, Tony Kennedy’s brother was killed in Hawaii by drowning during his honeymoon? I’m not even sure if I have the proper sequence of events here? He may have been killed after Reagan became governor?

Then Ronald Reagan moved onto 45th J Street, (nine houses down from our home) when he became governor of California because Nancy Reagan refused to live in the governor’s mansion in downtown Sacramento.

It was all a bit of a scuttlebutt in those days as I recall. Nancy Reagan was considered a real complainer and not well liked because if this, although it would eventually pass.

I remember attending the block party Reagan gave for our upscale neighborhood as a welcoming he and his family to our block. I attended with my parents and was eight months pregnant with my first daughter Alison. My husband at the time was in Germany in the Army.

We were all shocked as we walked into the now Reagan home because they had topless dancers, clad in bright red sparkly hot pants, in the living room for entertainment! I knew the house well because one of my best girlfriends lived there for years before the Republican Party took it over for Reagan. My girlfriend and her family moved to another part of Sacramento?

This transformation into a combination Hollywood sound stage, and Folies Bergére after growing up in the house around my friend’s family of five kids, mostly teenage boys, was odd to say the least? But then again my friend’s father was a Republican City Councilman so selling the home to the Republican Party for Ron and Nancy made sense even to me.

By this time my sister Kitty was married to her husband Gerard Harrison Davis from another old time Sacramento family. They were very much into politics, Anthony M. Kennedy and Reagan. The next thing I knew Reagan was keeping his horses on my mother’s ranch, the Diamond K in Roseville, California.

My mother was not pleased with the arrangement; she liked her privacy? I actually use to go out to the ranch and picnic with Reagan on the bench my mother built as a child between two old Oak Trees. I liked Reagan. He was a kind man whom I did not see as a politician but instead an actor and I was fascinated with Hollywood at the time?

In May1969 my father suddenly & unexpectantly had a stroke and died at 59 years old; eleven months later my mother tragically & mysteriously died for what reason I’m not sure? I’ll never know but will continue to have my suspicions? She was just over sixty years old and in good health.

By this time I was worth over four million dollars; had two small daughters and looking at a divorce from my first husband; my childhood sweetheart. Tony Kennedy was and had been overseeing my parents’ estates along with other long time family attorneys Downey Brand Seymore & Rohwer so I trusted when he suddenly became my divorce attorney? I was all of twenty-two years old.

My brother-in-law Gerard Harrison Davis the twin brother of Mary Davis, Tony Kennedy’s wife, was known throughout Sacramento as a complete criminal, but no one seemed to care but me? I was baffled?

Of course, Tony Kennedy noticed, so he said to me when I had questions about Gerard and the Diamond K Ranch. You see before my father died he signed a deal with Gerard to sell the ranch? I never had been able to understand this because it was always well known that my father did not like Gerard; Gerard didn’t have a real estate license and my mother didn’t want to sell the ranch which was split four ways by this time and owned by us her four daughters.

So soon I would marry again to a Don McClean look-a-like from Michigan, Richard “Rick”L. Davis ll whose last name interestingly was the same as my brother-in-laws Gerard? When we met in Snowbird Utah skiing one of the first questions I asked Rick was whether he could be related to Gerard?

Of course he said “No!” then he "laughed" that I would even consider such an idea? He said, “There are millions of Davis’ all over the world it’s just a coincidence.” I believed this without another thought mostly because Rick was from Michigan going back many generations; related to Henry Ford so he said.

Tony Kennedy said he was going to check Rick, his family and their auto parts business, Davis Tool & Engineering out for my safety, which he did and gave me the thumbs up to go ahead and marry Rick.

At Rick & my beautiful wedding on Lake Tahoe August 10, 1974 at my sister Kitty and Gerard’s second home, Tony was present, taking care of business as always. As much as I thought of him as an arrogant ass he always took care of me. We’d already had a meeting earlier in the day, before the wedding, about my creating a trust to protect my assets.

I agreed and certainly trusted Tony’s legal expertise! He’d graduated from Harvard Law School; was a professor teaching Constitutional Law at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento & spent his senior year at the London School of Economics. He was also teaching summer school law classes in Salzburg, Austria, which I believe he still does today? I mean this man was and is educated.

I recall signing some document on my wedding day apparently a pre-curser to getting a trust, protecting me until a trust could be drawn up?

I did think it odd that Tony would bring such a subject up just hours before the wedding and not sooner? Again I was twenty-four years old.

So Rick, my daughters and I were off to Michigan a week after the wedding, honeymooning along the way in my Porsche. Tony Kennedy had assured me that soon after we arrive in Michigan I’d need to find a good attorney, which he’d then approve, to draw up the trust for me as well as for my two daughters who were each worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

This is exactly what I did hiring one of Rick’s family attorneys Conrad “Con” D. Chapman Esq. of Troy, Michigan while everything he did was passed by Tony Kennedy before signed.

Rick and I had what I believed to be a very happy marriage for twenty-four years but not without issues, which we always seemed to get handled. Things like he being an ineffective father to my two daughters from a previous marriage, Alison & Alexis (Lexi); favoring our one and only daughter Kelly, we had together over them and money issues; my spending!

My money manager Fred Mirbach of UBS Paine Webber had been saying to me for years, “If you’re really good you’ll be worth ten million dollars by 1997 but you have to slow down on your spending!

Meanwhile Tony Kennedy had issued two checks to my trust; one for the sale of my mothers ranch for $350,000 and another one for a million dollars for the sale of Breuner’s Furniture. Both these transactions occurred in 1978. I was then worth five and a half million dollars; my daughters now three of them each worth $350,000. My trust owned also a $300,000 home in Wabeek, near West Bloomfield, Michigan. Rick was earning close to $200,000 a year before his bonus.

Over the years I’d become known as a great wife, mother, homemaker, entertainer and talent but a problem spender who needed help when all along I couldn’t figure out how in the world this could be true? Fred Mirbach actually had account statements making me look like I spent money like a drunkin’ sailor. I was keeping my eyes peeled for possible clues but I wasn’t too concerned since it was obvious even with my so-called bad spending habits I would be worth ten million dollars by 1997.

Unbeknownst to me at the time there were other serious issues swirling around that confused me; caused some short term concern then became merely interesting cocktail party talk at the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) events we often attended. Rick was the president of the Detroit Chapter for a year while I handled all the entertainment.

But I couldn’t shake the fact that Rick & his family business were possibly part of the mafia? There were subtle clues to this all around me and had been for years? Of course I kept this to myself; mostly because I believed my thoughts were merely my imagination.

From across the country my relationship was getting a bit better with my sisters, the only family of origin I had left. After 1978 I never heard from Tony Kennedy again and when I did see him at some family wedding now and again in California he was very distant towards me?

One day in October 1997 I overheard Rick tell Lexi she only had ten thousand dollars left in her trust account? Of course I knew she was worth more like a few million dollars so intervened with, “What are you talking about? Lexi’s account is worth a hell of a lot more than that?” As I waited for Rick’s answer my stomach felt sick; Lexi ran out of the room. Rick turned to me and said, “No I’m just telling her this to scare her into not using any of her funds. She wants a down payment for a condo in Chicago.”

Before our discussion was over, Lexi had a check for ten thousand dollars and she was happy. I was left wondering and put a call into Fred Mirbach the next morning after Rick went to work. But, Fred was out of town for another week and wouldn’t be getting back to me until he returned, which didn’t make sense?

Meanwhile Rick and I took off for our annual Cayman Islands trip in middle October 1997 with YPO friends to dive on our way to Hawaii for a YPO University.

I never did get a hold of Fred Mirbach?

On October 13, 1997 at 150 feet below the Grand Cayman Sea my husband of twenty-four years and dive buddy left me to drown with no dive computer. Somehow I survived but my life would never be the same.

I immediately found myself in Post Traumatic Stress. Within weeks I was moving into my trust- owned vacation property in Sun Valley, Idaho to protect myself. Within months my whole family turned against me, even my precious daughters with whom I’d always had a wonderful relationship. I was completely abandoned and in shock!

I was also on a mission to find out what in the world was going on? I figured it had something to do with money but certainly not to the extent of what I would eventually find out.

Enter Larry my business partner and savoir; soon after becoming the love of my life. Together we would start an investigation into what in the world was going on as we worked together on our new business; rebuilding my life. And we were doing very well… Larry designing high-end custom furniture as I created Haute Couture fashion.

But the left over remnants of my previous life would haunt now both Larry and me as we started getting hit with federal crimes by a number of financial institutions “mafia hit” style.

As we battled this we were attending to our business as well but by 2004 still more crimes were taking place and I’d reported all these crimes to the FBI, financial watchdogs, SEC and a number of other banking control government agencies and the Attorney General. Plus we were frantically looking for attorneys, which proved to be futile, no one wanted to take the case on for unlawful foreclosure of my Sun Valley property by KeyBank?
Then September 23, 2004 I received an e-mail indicating that my trust had been embezzled by 80M$.

Overnight I finally understood all the “whys” in my life. And I wasn’t the spender, Rick one of my trustees, other trustees and financial institutions holding my trust had been embezzling my funds through my whole marriage to Rick. And interestingly enough Rick was now married to a financial advisor whom he married days after our divorce decree was signed?

I immediately put in the efforts to get a hold of SCOTUS Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy. Instead I was ignored while Larry and I continued to battle federal crimes. All the government agencies ignored my claims; attorneys I hired instead withheld documents from the courts or didn’t show up?

It wasn’t too long before Larry and I realized SCOTUS Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy was being protected and the government wanted Larry and me shut up!

Finally all this federal crime took our flourishing business and unlawfully destroyed our credit.

By 2007 Larry and I had been hit with still more federal crimes by financial institutions and a California esq; we found ourselves in the streets w six dogs.

We spent years after this moving from one leased property to another seeking employment and/or government assistance, while never being able to retain anything. We sold our belongings just so we could eat.

We had only one choice left in saving our lives; writing and so we wrote screenplays together as I wrote my memoir.

Eventually we ended up in a tent in 2010 where we’ve been for over two years continuing to write; now also on Twitter to inform other Americans about the corruption in USA. The media won’t say a word.

Do I think our US government is trying to murder us? Yes I do! Do I believe SCOTUS Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy is involved in some conspiracy in embezzling my funds? Yes I do. Do I believe our government authorities and the attorneys I hired to help are in cahoots to bury the original federal crime? Yes I do!

Believe me both Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama know about this original federal crime; while for years they continue to respond to my letters with obtuse form letters or send nothing at all.

Through all this I've learned the US government is most definately a conspirator committing domestic terrorism while actively causing Larry, our one last dog, Malibu and my deaths. Either in pursuit of their protecting SCOTUS Anthony "Tony" M. Kennedy or they have their own agenda? 80M$ is most assuredly a benefit to our government.

I've also learned that the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) have many connections like the mafia might and they'll do anything for a fellow member while they have chapters in every single country as the members often own their own banks or at the very least are powerful enough to be in cahoots with government.

By: Deborah Breuner


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