Sunday, 26 August 2012

#CRASHALERT Pastor Lindsey Williams - 24th August #2012

Now, not so sure we've put Lindsey Williams on before now, but don't think so.  Ergo, introduction required.  Not much, it's late Sunday! <gg>  Nevertheless, we tend not to put the declared highly religious, those infected with a missionary zeal, because in the past, far too often, we have found those hiding behind the deeply religious, pious, often deluded about things other than the religious questions, and frankly, because of the declared absence of a rationality bias towards all things scientific (most usually when religious AND American) ...

That said, every once in a while, you bump into someone, who has something not just valid, but highly relevant to say.  Lindsey Williams in the past has proven such a man, specifically, and possibly also relevantly right now, on oil price.  Yes, you read that right.  No time to explain, regularly know by now with the track record of The White Rabbit, it's rare we make a judgement call and get it wrong; human fallibility, no apply to Rabbit! :) lol  Thus, we present a man who likely has something highly relevant, and though you may (as we do) tire of the school-teacher (sometimes or often patronising we find) delivery, this guy claims insider contacts, and per our following of the OIL PRICE, and perhaps, though 'following' would be too much to state, we do tend to watch Lindsey Williams, when ever we bump into him.  He also (maybe a ratio player heh! <g>) ... Sometimes speaks as to the GOLD PRICE.

In short, someone (see below) just sent this in, and said, 'must watch, from 10.30 mark'.

Credit: @OpEmpowerHumans

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