Monday, 27 August 2012

#BREAKING Global International Intelligence Analysis #NAZI

If you don't understand who wrote the document, nor what it is saying, nor the truth of it, you are in great danger (as indeed, is this site's publisher, for embedding this and letting you know). Short backgrounder, before the document:

You see, we had someone ask @censorednewsnow yesterday 'provide proof' (we sent them rather a lot by return, but hey, ... maybe dumb American Human need helping hand from The White Rabbit!).  But the NAZI moniker, used now quite extensively on this website, explained:

DeutscheVerteidigungs Dienst, Dachau

Note: we are having reports that some (on mobiles) have difficultly obtaining sight of the whole document as embedded on this page. If that's you, why not click the URL directly below, and download to your mobile disk, and then load locally; only a simple .pdf reader required.
URGENT:  the below document is being DISAPPEARED from the Net; DOWNLOAD and REUPLOAD RIGHT NOW; don't let Edward Harle's Assassination be in vain! PROOF: (old tactic, murder the man, BUY OUT THE COPYRIGHTS) ;)

Operations of DVD Dachau, Illuminati Intelligence Oversight  <<-- DOWNLOAD **
Meet the author, whilst still alive, some years ago.

Have you heard about the Asians over 50 dropping dead:

Maybe you haven't worked out what the Department of Homeland Security is all about:

This one you really don't want to miss::

The White Rabbit!
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