Thursday, 23 August 2012

#ALTMEDIA William Cooper; Alex Jones & Mor #INFOWAR

Two alternative 'conspiracy' (i.e. REALITY) researcher/broadcasters ... William Cooper  in 'The Hour of our Time', and of course, Alex Jones, of Infowars/prison planet fame.  The White Rabbit, regular readers by now, leaves no stone unturned in the hunt for the truth that will save humanity.

Off we go then, down one of the potentially least talked about 'conspiracy facts'; on planet interwebz.  For as on the same day we publish information about WIKILEAKS that many will not want to read, we also decide to publish this page, having decided, in for a penny, in for a pound.

If the man still standing wishes to call us conspiracy theorists, then will shall truly laugh loud, for that would be of course, the King of Conspiracy getting pissed that someone dare mention the background to the ALEX JONES CONSPIRACY FACTS.  Let us begin ...

The very best intel double-disinfo-agent drops 97% the best stuff out there, saving the critical use of their skills for listeners CONFIDENTLY accepting disinformation, for something really important.  Maybe you haven't seen this page?  If not, check that out to understand this page that you are currently on, and do that FIRST.   Because the man in the bottom video turned up dead after predicting 911, Alex Jones went on to take his place (essentially unchallenged).

Decided for yourself; res ipsa locquitur.  But dare you the learn facts?

BOTH of these people displayed PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of the 911 attack.  Read that again folks: prior knowledge folks.  If you're a REAL truther, you look for PRIOR KNOWLEDGE.  Good guess; so well researched, or DISINFO CO-INTEL PRO; we cannot decide, we just know we listen to BOTH of them to try discern what is happening.  Of course, one of the two, doesn't say anything anymore; killed, shot, BY THE STATE:  DEAD, and that researcher, covered EXOPOLITICS, in depth, and in detail, REGULARLY.  EXOPOLITICS, despite the MOUNTAINS of evidence, stacking up all around the world, is a subject ALEX JONES won't touch (so much for the truth where ever it leads you may conclude, we certainly do).  Make of it; what you will.  Facts are facts.

The smart have noticed, no coverage of the DOCUMENTED 15 TRILLION FRAUD by Alex Jones, and the smart, are not dumb Alex.  You misjudge us.  Facts, are facts.  The truth is the truth, and yet, NO MENTION OF MITT ROMNEY's UK MAFIA FUNDED START-OUT with BAIN, either:

What do YOU think?  Why not kick off the discussion via a comment, below?  The truth isn't on here with this one, it's out there, in our collective intelligence.  Before you kick off with any comment, please do review the 911 EXOPOLITICS connection on THIS PAGE HERE:

If you never realised about that MOON STRUCTURES MILITARY DISCLOSURE on 10th September 2001, and watch Alex Jones regularly; don't you at least have some questions as to WHY HE DIDN'T TELL YOU ABOUT THIS PRESS CONFERENCE?

The White Rabbit!
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