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How to protect your fellow man; your brothers, from the NAZIS appearing in BLACK SHIRTS all across the world.  You can watch it happening right in front of your eyes if you want, or you can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT IMMEDIATELY.   You see, there's NOTHING the NAZIS hate more, than someone, just ONE person saying, you know, ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT; I'm DEFENDING HIM from this CLEARLY ILLEGAL BEATING (notice the use of the STICK once the guy has FOUR POLICE OFFICERS HOLDING HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND).  Of course, for the BRAZILIAN POLICE, if they catch your children in a dark alley at night; they simple put BULLETS IN HIM.

The ILLEGAL PRETEND 'Protectors' in the NAZI BRIBE TAKING NYPD, well now, are they not just as BLATENT (I mean, look, these cops KNEW they had TV and 50,000+ watching them, but BEAT THE LIVING CRAP out of the guy anyway, just like the police beat the living crap out of people on Occupy Wall Street, ran them over, shot them with plastic bullets (for NO REASON WHATSOEVER)). Only difference seems to be, in Brasil, men are still men.  They don't let the police get away with this bullshit, not when they can do something about it.  No wonder (see video link below) the NAZI BLACKSHIRTS all across America are now living SCARED.  They should be.  We predict some of these NAZIS lifespans to be less than one year from today.  Surely the fully armed America is not going to just keep WATCHING, and WATCHING, and WATCHING, and not DOING anything.  But hey, when the entire culture is ME ME ME ME ME ... maybe they will; and then will come their turn.

For what's going on in America in this respect, you need HERO Sibel Edmonds stable's latest documentary about MASSIVE ILLEGAL PRETEND POLICE (aka NAZIS) infecting police stations all across America.  Plenty of violence, very little law, and no complaining now, otherwise, as this video proves beyond all reasonable doubt, YOU GET ARRESTED AND BEATEN UP TOO:


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  1. So how do we get our police to act properly and legally? Can they be reformed? For insight and direction on this and other important police improvement issues, take a look at “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police” ( in US and EU). And the blog at where other current police improvement issues are discussed. Good luck and may we all experience not just good but great policing! Great policing is accomplished by police who are well-trained and led, restrained in their use of force, honest, and courteous to every citizen.

  2. We don't; we get our populations to act honourably, ethically, and morally: the precursor to this is explained (most well) by David Bohm (theoretical physicist/philosopher) here.

    If you prefer the philosophical underpinning of reality by the RIGHT meme to lead to this harmonious state of existence between humankind, and as you will note, all other sentient beings, inanimate objects and everything (including nothing) in-between.

    If you prefer the practical science of it all; understanding the basic philosophical problem (as enunciated by Bohm) in it's practical sense is very helpful indeed:


  3. Turning to how do we get there. In a day-to-day sense: and this is ever so highly relevant especially to Police Officers entangled economically within a system of control they have self-educated themselves to understand underpins their own oppression, too:

    In a very real and very, very practical sense indeed (sic!):
    HAHA 2012 ...
    A concept catching on worldwide.

    We need the police (if they are to survive at all as a force desired by populations who thus allowed themselves to be policed by consent) to actually get on and arrest some of the real crooks for a change. Where once they had an excuse (it's freaking hard work working out who they *really* are through all the LIES and BULLSHIT (we pay for) propagandising us day in and day out, and it's BURIED under ILLEGALLY USED STATE PRIVILEGE (which of course, scares the shit out of even The White Rabbit! ) ... That's NO FREAKING EXCUSE for NOT MASS ARRESTING MASS MURDERING CRIMINALS.

    We know who they are (we name many on this website).

    This one fact alone means every police officer on planet earth is in breach of their statutory duty to detect and investigate crime; the people of the planet, all over the planet, are responsible for uncovering the real mass murderers on 911. This is pathetic.

    Frankly, we don't get paid for it, the Police do, and thus they themselves have allowed their own profession to fall into disrepute globally.

    Those are more practical issues of how we get from A where we are to Z where we need to be (no police forces necessary).

    At the root of all evil, is man's stupidity in not understanding violence delegated, like budgets delegated, tend not to be used or spent, quite so effectively as if that power is retained by the individual and not delegated. In essence a return to the do no harm (and leave me the fuck alone unless I want your 'help') principle is required worldwide.

    If you are unaware, Stephan Molyneaux does a mean line in dealing with many of these issues in a very practical way and we put him on this blog with some level of frequency. One example here:

    #SCIENCE Nature v Nurture #FAMILY #OWS #OTB

    It would also be helpful if they no longer supported their oppressor:

    They also need to get right up to speed with what they are actually policing (world war three is already well under way in our opinion, and it is a DESIGNED COLLAPSE, NUKE and BIO-WEAPON WAR/Exopolitical War

    And protect the people from the people doing it:

    I could write on, and on and on about this subject, one so dear to my heart. But at the bottom of much of this is the mind control on 'what is law'. And the fight-back on that, too, has commenced. The police should be the natural partners of the Freeman Movement worldwide. Are they?


    1. PPS We've added the site you suggest to the webmasters's to-do area at the bottom and will consider adding their RSS feed once we can locate it (or suggest they get one if not).

      Interesting case-study; Seattle regulars. Go look it up! :)

  4. Police brutality can also be experienced in USA if a financial institution commits a federal crime like embezzlement, of your trust account for instance, and you report the horrendous crime (in my case an 80M$ embzzlement) to proper government authorities, such as Attorney General Holder. You'll instead get a 'mafia hit' into the streets with attacks of more fed crimes; your credit illegally destroyed and no possible opportunity for employment nor will you have money.

    This is what the USA government does about serious fed crimes committed by their financial institutions. And the public doesn't know until it happens to them, which is too late because they've been already silenced, living in streets, often time without even a car where death is close.

    The charities & churches are also corrupt and the government know this so taking everything away from the consumer with the "mafia hit' assures they'll die in streets>>>>plz see this link:)>>>>>

    What could be more brutal than watching healthy people die of starvation and exposure for the sake of hiding fed crimes?

  5. To defeat illegal police actions (and there are many) we must become as water.Because they expect you to act in certain ways you should not.Publicity supported Provocative persistence and CAMERAS are powerful weapons however the most powerful weapon on earth is still the analytical creative brain.


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