Tuesday, 28 August 2012

#911TRUTH **NEW** 911 Video & Radar #ANALYSIS

Now, we've had a huge blazing (but friendly) row with the guy in the presentation, before now (about the misnomer, in our view, of 'anti-gravity' spacecraft propulsion {hint; it's nothing of the sort; GRAVITY SHIELDING would be MUCH more appropriate}), but now well ... When it comes to a theory of 911, this chap, is getting places, others dare not even go.  Blood, sweat, tears expended!  And of course, the existence of space based weapons, over the past few years, or at least their possibility of existence has come a long way.

Ten years ago, a 'space beam' was laughed out of the room; these days, with HAARP and the conductivity provided by CHEMTRAIL metals in the atmospheric plasma created by HAARP, well now:  much more common knowledge.  Of course, we ourselves have had to admit the SATANIC aspect of 911 is indeed RIGHT IN OUR FACES, if we are awake and aware enough to ACCEPT what our eyes, and ears are telling us about the scene in question, and just for the record, until we did, we'd always assumed all of this talk of a SATANIC CABAL, was nuts peeps talk.  How wrong we were.

Onto Richard Hall's latest 911 video and radar analysis.  

As our sister @censorednewsnow interviewed the world's leading expert on skyscraper collapse at Cambridge University on 18th June 2011, this theory was hardly registering in the global movement for 911 truth.  Now it's gaining serious traction.  For one thing, covered indeed, in our sister's interview, sits sits unwell with us; the debris spread, and also the non-local 'fire' damange (which actually appears to be MELTING of metal, very far indeed, away from any alleged, even, sites of any fires created by the Jet liners, which allegedly hit the WTC.   Of course, none of this deals with the real reality, that it doesn't really matter (speaking in the ost general of terms) how exactly those building were brought down.  What really matters, is that you accept there was either let it happen or make it happen at work; and then you get busy REMOVING THE NAZIS FROM POWER.


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