Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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Latest intel on the covert and naval and air power of NATO (British and French); scheduled for late summer; announced by MOD ...   You know like Libya before it, another 'Humanitarian War (notice the MIND CONTROL in the semantics peeps? ... the DOUBLE MEANINGLESS of the CHOSEN OPPOSITES 'humanitarian' and 'War' ... Like the WAR on the meaning of WORDS being COVERTLY CONDUCTED on YOUR MIND, right now with 'War on Terror' (conducted on you BY THOSE saying they are conducting it on TERRORISTS [which now they have also conveniently DEFINED, as including you ... to continue the SEMANTIC MIND CONTROL point]).  We mean to say, when even the lawyers cannot understand how THEIR MINDS have been controlled, even once the Massachusetts School of Law has told them).  Urm ... What!

You still keep not understanding the reason they keep referring over and over and over again on the MSM to their being THREE PHOTOGRAPHS of the PENTAGON 911 attack, is because they want you under TOTAL MIND CONTROL, an AUTOMATED THOUGHT--RESPONSE;  AUTOMATON about VIDEO PROOF there was NO PLANE (yet a HUGE EXPLOSION) at the Pentagon on 911 ... Is it worth trying to tell Americans anymore ... Or is the CHEMICAL MIND CONTROL by CIA from the air, just too much mental fog when combined with the false god ... has America and Americans now totally lost as to what freedom really actually FIRST AND FOREMOST IS; freedom of THOUGHT; for there is NO FREE WILL if one cannot RATIONALLY THINK.  The facts, are the facts.  Onto Syria.

Published on Jul 30, 2012 by GlobalResearchTV

The US voices outrage at the Syrian Army's success in clearing Syria's largest city of Aleppo of anti-Damascus armed groups.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Sunday that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost all legitimacy by attacking the armed groups in the city.

This is while Syrian security forces are clearing more areas across the country of militants.

The United States has said it is enlarging its assistance to Syria's fractured opposition. Also, according to Reuters, the White House will soon authorize greater covert assistance to the armed gangs.

Washington has already thrown its support behind Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey for arming the Syrian opposition.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of Centre for Research on Globalization, to further discuss the issue.

For interview transcript, visit: http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/253532.html

Originally aired on PressTV, July 30, 2012


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