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nb repost due 2 attacks (Originally posted
most likely around 3rd Nov 2011 [don't let TRUTH DIE on the Internet;
they b tryin'.]

Bankster busting crypto-currency, gold, silver, platinum and palladium BANKSTERS: SCUMBAG-FRAUDSTER TRACKING NEWS plus: ... only the coolest free, open-source and paid cryptography & crypto-currency products and services on the planet! Hang on to your seats: NEW #OTB VIRAL MONEY MEME HASHTAG = #OTB ...

Went Viral in October 2011 - day one!E

Exploded VIRALLY GLOBALLY across Twitter sparked by the arrival of The White Rabbit onto Interwebz via a tap (heh!) onto Inter-Webz from Warren Wise ... Sent by The White Rabbit to save humanity from the BANKSTERS!

Because smart The White Rabbit ... @OccupyOfficial knew Human Race dumb like Dolphin - need hoof to understand the dark magix of the Dark Cabal entombing Humanity via cultural slavehood and slavespeak with memes of CONTRIVED FAKE FIAT ABANDON leaving Man so absent of REAL MONEY ... even The White Rabbit suffer! Mor Shooting! :( Ouch!

NO MORE BS Human Social Animal: The White Rabbit! Now Ride Inter-Webz To Save HUMANITY!!! See:


Perhaps one of the best ways to get to understand our philosophical viewpoint if you've got 30 minutes right now is first enjoy: FISCAL HISTORY 101: Who Enslaves Us & How? But the most important thing you can do right now: click here - get subscribed to receive notification when our Open-Transactions installers become available; turn YOUR PC, MAC, or Laptop into OUR new banks! Just like using bittorrent; cryptography ensures integrity. ;)


If you've already checked that out and agree we face - at our choosing - a historic moment where we may wrench the wretched power to enslave nations by book entry away from the scumbag-banksters intent on seeing you in a grave before their egos and wallets can take a 'haircut' then it's time you understood it was well past time that you install in your mind the #OTB meme courtesy of Operation Occupy The Banks!

We give all peoples everywhere recommendations for products and services around the entire planet you and/or your *new* business, organisation, charity or non-profit can most profit from to put YOUR existing wealth to safe and sound use(s) whilst at the same time PROMOTING cryptographic solutions to 21st Century Security, Authentication & Asset Creation & Management processes and process! Start your start-up Social Animal!

If you're feeling a little nervous as perhaps a first time visitor, gain confidence we know what we're up to with our international alternative and mainstream press coverage including on the hallowed pages of such luminal fiscal paper as the Wall Street Journal! You see ... it's well past time folks - let' s turn our own computers into our new banks; it's as easy as filesharing with Operation #OTB! ;) Reminder: the most important thing: subscribe free!

Occupy The Banks - Hash = #OTB - Check us out Social Animal! ;~)

We provide you with the innovative means and methods, and products and services AND IDEAS that *will* make *all* of our tomorrows a better place for *all* of us; including the 1%! Ideas YOU can implement right now! Occupy Your Mind: Occupy Your Domain: build it with us! :~)

Have fun; next last updated Monday 24th September 2012


The White Rabbit!
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  1. Been waiting for Americans to stand together for each other for a long time. When we are the majority we will be able to let our elected officials know what we want done,it's the way America was designed.Money was to make our life better but laws were changed & loopholes were created by lawyers we put in office. We may need to change how our economy works cause this way don't work. There are other ways,just can't be afraid of change. Forward to Equal Rights, Freedom & Peace along with a common wealth shared

  2. Social Animal to the rescue! see:

    Will be substantially republishing that on: :)


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