Sunday, 29 July 2012

#SOMALIA UK Banksters Want All #AFRICA #NATO

Somalia is a nightmare for Western banksters; no CENTRAL government to intimidate into creating a FAKE FRAUD FIAT CURRENCY (a.k.a. 'legal tender' ... i.e. Money you cannot refuse ... you know, like, MAFIA SLAVE) ...  They've been forever displeased that this African country is not under their CONTROL ... Thus this place of PRIVATE RIGHTS and PRIVATE ENFORCEMENT OF RIGHTS, is always portrayed as a basket case in the MSM (you know, hint: GOVERNMENT licensed ;)) who always refuse to tell YOU that the PIRACY is because the CORRUPT WEST is dumping TOXIC WASTE into the SEAS off Somalia.  NO ENFORCEMENT of the laws of the seas there (by the WEST against the WESTERN CORRUPT COMPANIES taking YOUR money to do this ... (save, via piracy, of course; aka ... PRIVATE enforcement of rights, the ecerxising of a lien over boats (seizing/holding until payment), which on one view is simply obtain a payment in RESTITUTION.  But with the NATO warmongering arms-sales brigade always ready to stomp more (colored) heads ... to create Mor Wor ... First, there is ALWAYS, the military advisors.

"The UK has established a small military presence in Somalia, the British Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

A team of 10 military advisers is based at the headquarters of the African Union force in the capital, Mogadishu.

They do not have a combat role; their job is to help the AU with planning, communications and medical support.

But a BBC correspondent says some of the advisers have been seen in Afgoye, a strategic town west of the capital recently taken from Islamist militants. ... (continues) ..."

Do note the time and date folks; BBC can always be relied upon to slip in the news, at 5am on a Sunday morning, just after the opening of the biggest bankster mind-control operation Britain has seen in decades ... You know, the happy, Britain is Brilliant story of sports ...  Mind control of the develop your body masses, NOT YOUR BRAIN.

So now we have bankster-funded military boots on the ground ... International enforcement to stop the piracy (but NOT the dumping of TOXIC WASTE), no doubt it will be explained as.  NO pics of the kids starving for want of POLLUTED SEAS that no longer feed Somalia.

You should look behind the headlines for REASONS folks, why honest Somali suddenly turned appeared to turn rogue on the world; their DYING, STARVING CHILDREN; maimed and murdered by the WESTERN MAFIA charging YOU 'environmentally friendly' prices for 'green products' whilst taking backhanders for MAFIA WASTE DISPOSAL SERVICES. 

Egypt is of course, key to this trade, for it's not so economic to dump  your illegal cargo if you have to get around the Horn of Africa route via South Africa, if you forgive the pun, if you get the drift. ;)  Now, we have the AFRICOM TAKEOVER PLAN, coming into view ...

Later today, branes, a bit, more usual fare, some culture as usual plus of course, all of the stories they want you to never notice, never remember if you do notice, and Mor solutions to the mess no one wants to deal with but you HUMAN and ...

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