Monday, 30 July 2012

#SOLARYSYSTEM Earth - Our Planet - 8 Amazing Holes! :)

Of course if you want to know abotu the potentially ALIEN LIFE FORM living in the type of hole you first see (or certainly at leave flying around AT SPEEDS NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE BY ANY PREVIOUSLY KNOWN (to man) LIFEFORM on PLANET EARTH ... You need:  ROD ARE REAL!

Now we did promise we'd be introducing you to the ALIEN (or are they ... is it just YOUR definition HUMAN that needs INFORMING of ALL THE INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL LIFE ALL AROUND US, is not perceptible without a hint:

a) that there's something there you should be looking for or out for, further out using existing tech in more innovative ways;

b) a belief that if you look closely enough, for long enough, WITH THE RIGHT KIT, then all, scientifically, will be revealed.

So RODS ARE REAL should get you thinking along the RIGHT SCIENTIFIC LINES about the ALIEN issue, and once you are, we'll be introducing you to the OFF-WORLD ALIENS (that you've not already seen covered on site in e.g. NASA MILE WIDE UFO CONFIRMED.  Heh ...

Enjoying Riding with ...


The White Rabbit!?
#MorAlienRabbit4DumbHumanity <g>
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