Tuesday, 31 July 2012

#OpBLACKHEATH David Green QC Hears The White Rabbit!


"Bankers found to have rigged Libor could face jail after the SFO said it will look to bring criminal charges against those who attempted to manipulate the world’s key borrowing rate.

David Green QC, director of the SFO, said existing legislation could be used to bring criminal actions against banks implicated in the Libor rigging scandal.

Mr Green did not specify the precise charges that could be brought but it is possible bankers found guilty of manipulation could receive prison sentences of up to 10 years.

The decision to pursue prosecutions comes just over three weeks after the SFO formally announced an investigation into Libor and in particular whether it was possible to launch criminal proceedings against individual banks and bankers found to have rigged borrowing rates.

In a statement the SFO said it was “satisfied that existing criminal offences are capable of covering conduct in relation to the alleged manipulation of Libor and related interest rates”. ... (Continues)"



Serious Fraud Office close to criminal charges over Libor rigging scandal

Separate inquiry by the Financial Services Authority into Libor fixing scandal covers eight financial institutions, not just banks.

The Serious Fraud Office has moved a step closer to bringing criminal charges against individuals involved in rigging the key Libor interest rate after concluding that the law does cover the offences that led to Barclaysbeing hit by a £290m fine.
The SFO, which had announced a formal investigation into attempts to manipulate the rate on 6 July, said its investigation covered a number of financial institutions.

"The Director of the Serious Fraud Office, David Green QC, is satisfied that existing criminal offences are capable of covering conduct in relation to the alleged manipulation of Libor and related interest rates. The investigation, announced on 6 July, involves a number of financial institutions," the SFO said. (Continues)


It yet remains to be seen if this man shall go down in history along with Lord Blackheath.  Minor charges against just a few minions of the Dark Cabal's minions, or will the SFO (perhaps for the first time ever) shine through, historically claiming it's right to have BROUGHT DOWN THE DARK CABAL IN IT'S HOME TOWN.

History shall measure the success by the charging of ALL of the following people:

  • George Osbourne involved in the 15 TRILLION FRAUD
  • Lord Sassoon (a Rothschild) - (intricately ;)) involved in the 15 TRILLION FRAUD
  • Lord Strathclyde (leading the cover-up charge (at the very least) on the ROGUE DHS AGENCY/Foundation X/ which in our purely personal view is of course intracatly involved with the GLOBAL MILITARY DARK CABAL ... and the laundering HEROIN TRADE FUNDS THROUGH THE UK TREASURY ... with Mr Dark Cabal Government @ HM Treasury ... Lord Sassoon.... The White Hats [WHO / WHAT ] certainly think he must have his ticket ...
  • Oh well know; just about EVERY LAST BOARD MEMBER of the following banks:
  • HSBC - nvolved in the 15 TRILLION FRAUD
  • JP Morgan - involved in the 15 TRILLION FRAUD
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • THE TWENTY EUROPEAN BANKS involved in the 15 TRILLION FRAUD (we'll ask The White Hats to DUMP THEIR NAMES AND PROOF INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN ... just for you David Green QC .... And a knighthood is surely yours ... should you deliver for Queen and Country, and for the first time in HUNDREDS OF YEARS, free the CROWN from the CURSE of the ROTHSCHILD FAKE FIAT and GLOBAL MONEY LAUNDERING scams for RITUAL SATANIC CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE perpetrated by the DARK CABAL VATICAN and laundered by the VATICAN BANK world-over... just for starters ....
  • TIMOTHY GEITHNER; Sassoon's right hand country-assassination-squad leader and leader of the DARK CABAL in AMERICAN FINANCIAL GEO-BANKSTERISM, intractable involved in the 15 TRILLON FRAUD, now, literally ... wet signatures all over it (DOX on this site! :))
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on ....
Which is it to be David Green QC; Arise to the KNIGHTHOOD and THANKS of PLANET EARTH Human and Animals ... *every last one of us* .... Or will your actions declare you no friend to 7 BILLION ENSLAVED sentient Human, and BILLIONS MORE SENTIENT ANIMALS ... and that you obviously, to use the choice phrase, you Sir, obviously too have your ticket?!  

For of course, UNLESS THE ENTIRE DARK CABAL IN THE BANK OF ENGLAND ... and it's **OWNERS** running the SCAM OF THE PLANET are charged no matter the minon rest ... HISTORY WILL JUDGE YOU DARK CABAL ... 

Time, shall tell ...  The historical record shall never be allowed to die by FREEMEN BRITS:


Let history record the HUMAN HEROES who rescued The White Rabbit!


And of course, Op. #OTB ... The White Rabbit! ... Along with 15trillionfraud.co.uk ... One of the only homes of Operation Blackheath on the Planet! :)  BANKSTER BASHING GOOD huh! :)  Cookin' ...

Just hopefully not ...

The White Rabbit!
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PS  Interesting times for Humanity huh ... Good Lord, versus Bad, Bad Bad Lords ... QC wheeled in ... Will the HOME OF GLOBAL GEOBANKSTERISM now sort out the PLANET by SORTING OUT THE BANKSTERS ONCE AND FOR ALL ... Or will someone have to NUKE ENGLAND to get the YANK CROOKS to understand?


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