Monday, 30 July 2012


And so often the giveaway is who, not what; The Daily Telegraph (MI6's favourite choice for disinfo), and of course, AOL owned Huffington Post ... Urrmmm

As you know, we're real big on REAL disclosure on this blog; one of the few places tying the MESS we see Around the planet, to the FINANCIAL SYSTEM on the planet, to the EXOPOLITICAL REALITY (and it's FUNDING).  Everywhere else, they be too afraid to tell you about the TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS *never* covered (AFAIK, not even on ZEROHEDGE ... which seems, if you forgive the pun, somewhat a hedged position heh).  Here at Operation Occupy The Banks, no position to crazy to posit, NOR DISMISS.  And in our view, this whole thing seems fishy, fishy, fishy ... Smacks, very, of project Bluebeam, but hey, let's wait to see wha the RAF say about e.g. just WTF seems to have been flying right across the NO FLY ZONE no doubt imposed (but not it would seem).

Either the ET's really are pushing the Governmental disclosure (by America; see the call for War inside America by the Ex-Canadian Defence Minister (made in 2010 if you're real behind the curve) before you dismiss such talk; for it is YOU that is IGNORANT rather than The White Rabbit ... crazy!), or this is mass mind control (now we've all been softened up with the Aurora Batman Deception

If you want to see a REAL MILE WIDE UFO NASA has just admitted is real (and see it OUT IN SPACE we have footage of a FORMATION UFO ISS FLY-BY along with that, many of the Astronauts, and a whole host of GOVERNMENT ADMISSIONS [Chile Government admit 6,000mph base-Recon flight pattern THROUGH jet formation, and many more) (including NSA documents) all along the bottom of the site in the NEWLY EXPANDED EXOPOLITICS SECTION!

Needs a bit of sorting, but almost all videos on site now linked from there!  Come back in a few days if you're really lost, and we hope to have them in some better order.  Really, I know we should tempt you, but you're smart Human ... And will go look ...

Right?  lol  Speaking just of course for ... The White Rabbit! ... We prefered the 1980's;

The 1980's EXOPOLITICAL TESTBED; global consciousness; growing globally:

If UFO's and Alien reality FINANCE is too much for you, you can check out the RITUAL SATANIC CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE page ... and get back to the EVIL VATICAN, if you want? lol

If you wanted the FAKE NEWS produced by ROBOT READERS ... if you haven't worked it out yet, you're on the wrong website.

That's ...


The White Rabbit!
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