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EXOPOLITICS Dare U Dolan Down-N-RANDOM Rabbit?!

from one of our most far-out-sources ...  Depths, deep, we must go through on the hjourney .... Told you we have to go there; but maybe you don't even know about the RODS yet?  We told you we would let you in Gently, .... but now, we're outta time .. We ...


"[Star Knowledge Conference - 1996 extract:] 

"Finnish physician Rauni-Leena Kilde spoke of her extraterrestrial experiences among the Sammi (Laplander) people she was raised with above the Arctic Circle and in Scandinavia. Her first remembered contact was when she was in a severe car crash. As she laid there mortally injured, a small Star Visitor (not a Sammi) was at her side working on healing her injured liver. Later the hospital staff could not understand how she survived the crash. Later she remembered Star Visitor contacts as a child living among the Sammi. She reported that there is a change of attitude in Scandinavia and the European Union about cosmic contacts. She hears positive reactions to Star Visitor encounters. In Scandinavia the so-called "Grey" aliens are rare. Most common there are the small, short, wrinkled short Onoogie Star Visitors. [The Gnomes?] Her country borders Russia, whose cosmonauts were threatened with death if they talked openly about UFO encounters." 

Charles Hall repeated his anecdote about some of these Sammi Star Visitors becoming stranded here after their craft was damaged during the 20 light-year voyage from their home world (in the Barnard's Star red-dwarf star cluster), and that they could not return, and so settled in a lightly-populated sector of the polar regions, which has a climate similar to their home world. 
I told Charles Hall of my finding clinical reports of a high prevalency of hypodontia (fewer-than-normal teeth) among young Sammi adults studied in Scandinavia even despite some amount of intermarriage between the Sammi and European people in Scandinavia. 
When I asked Mr. White if he had ever been approached by the equivalent of the Men-In-Black or any other government agents and been told to keep quiet about his experiences, he said he had not. 
Thus, I am left to conclude that his being allowed to publish his experiences is another step in the Public Acclimation Program's effort to acquaint and acclimate the American public to not only UFO reality, but also the presence of resident Star Visitors among us. And these "Resident Aliens" do not have Green Cards. 
(And to avoid any misunderstanding, I do not think that Charles Hall is consciously a participant in the Public Acclimation Program.) 
The government's Public Acclimation Program, in passively "allowing" Helen Littrell to come out publicly with her account of her daughter's having been roommates with a Zeta-human hybrid, Raechel, as fellow junior college students, and Raechel's adoptive father, an Air Force Colonel revealing to Helen that the government maintains an undisclosed Nevada base, "Four Corners", at which contingents of Visitors from various star systems around the galaxy are welcomed and provided hospitality, orientation, and education in Earth language and customs; and in "allowing" Charles Hall to tell of almost-daily contacts with the Tall Whites on the Nellis Air Force Base Range, as well as his knowledge of Sammi Star Visitors immigrating to the United States from Norway many decades ago, has substantially raised the bar on what the public is allowed to be aware of. 
We have come far from faltering admissions by former Air Force officers that certain UFO photos are authentic. 
The well-informed members of today's public can now know that U.S. Air Force generals have been engaging in junkets to the Moon aboard Star Visitor-manned space craft since almost forty years ago. 
The well-informed public is now allowed also to know from a retired military serviceman that the Star Visitors are not only visiting, but some of them are in residence here, and some of these Visitors have been resident on Western American soil since before the white man came. 
The Sci-Fi movie poster says, "We are among you." Only it isn't science fiction. 
And just think: no War of the Worlds has happened! 
Can interstellar peaceful coexistence be in our future? Why not? It has already been going on for centuries. 

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D. "


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