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So as The White Rabbit start to take you through the deepest parts of the potentially SCARY Wonderland .... we felt it better to itroduce Alex Collier by his almost last interview, BEFORE we go to the one, FOURTEEN YEARS EARLIER ... Then you can decide, does this guy know peeps who know Earth's future or not?    Heh ... Gentle, gentle, for most ... We take you into FAKE FINANCE, and WHERE THE REAL WEALTH HAS BEEN GOING ...

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Now you've met the man, meet his information, given in 1994:


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  1. Here is a part of the Bigger picture of who it is who have been yanking our chain since millenium - comes from this site
    ...The reptilians want to keep us endlessly fighting among ourselves, how does this help them? Well we never turn around to see who is creating the mess and we just keep fighting each other. We cannot create our own reality because we are in this matrix of the myth. Is this a hopeless feeling or what can we do if we can't create our own reality right now. I don't have a hopeless feeling because it's all changing, if I thought that this was going to go on forever because I know what their agenda was. Their future agenda was to microchip everybody to either have certain people set aside as slaves, the rest are inside concentration camps as constant food source and then they would probably alter the environment so that it would become cold for them because they're blind in the sunlight can't see in the sunlight. So that would become our future, a total slave locked down on slave planet. If I didn't know that Planet X is being sent by God to shred the net and if I didn't know this whole reality was changing I probably wouldn't get out of bed in the morning because it would be so depressing but as it is I am very very hopeful that is going to change that we going to be rescued from this mess.

    "Seeding Process" involves placing an astral body and mind of a Reptilian E.T. inside an abducted Human's mind and body.
    Chemtrails - The biological organisms are for "seeding " people, they want to get as many people seeded as possible before they leave so they're dropping biological organisms (seeds of their own kind). Then there's the viruses and things that there's too many to douse the air so they try to make them sick through chemtrails. They want to set this 'Net' on fire, they'll probably use HAARP to get it going thats to help charge to get it more volatile.

    Q - Can the Net produce holograms and screened images?
    A - I believe so.
    Q - What happens if an ET alliance is brought down within the Net?
    A - They're screwed. What are we doing here, that's what happened to all of us.
    Q - And Mars? They own Mars they own that planet it could be that the Net emanates from Mars? Not sure, but the Net is part of Mars, I don't think it surrounds Mars.
    Q - Is it possible that its contained on it's surface but in another frequency?
    A - Yes
    Q-You also mentioned that there's photographs of glass tunnels.
    A - I know that they have them underground, they have huge bases there.
    Q - And what else do they have going on there?
    A - Well that's where they take a lot of the people to die and that's where they kill them again, and they have huge meat lockers there and that's where the ship will stop on it's way out to pick up more meat, animals. These lizzards have voracious appetites, voracious, they use a lot of meat...

    Reptilian says "We plan the war, You fight and We dine" eg in World War II when Bush was talking to the war vets, he said "We ate so many of them we hiccuped, this is why we have war" strictly for food besides making money and use control but mainly for eating.
    Do they instigate murders as well? o yeah...

  2. ...In 1994-95 a man named Moody claimed to have killed people under the influence of aliens, was true? Oh yes I guarantee you he was telling the truth. At the time I wasn't sure, but he says aliens influenced him to kill those women, no doubt about it, I believe him that 100%. This is somebody's mind who has been completely taken over.
    Reptilians love making the victims terrified, why? Because they're just that, energy slush. They absorb the energy, that energy of fear? (nods yes)
    And Reptilians are very agressive and threatening in the use of rape, and they're genetic and mind manipulators.
    Q - How is it that they become so adept to so many things to become, to be so affectual over human beings?
    A - We are their life, they have no life without us, we are everything to them, we are their survival, we are It for them, they have no life without us, that's why they're so terrified of what's coming, because everything that they gain and everything that they do, we're their drug, their food, their pleasure, their energy, they have NOTHING without the humans, so screwing us is their life.
    Q - Are Reptilians telepathic?
    A - Some of them are but not all
    Q - Are they interdimentional?
    Q - Yes

    This Planet Has Been So Important to the Reptilians Because Earth Humans Have Been Their Primary FOOD SOURCE. "They transport bodies, body parts and Astral Humans to Mars and to Orion and they're trafficking in this, it's big big commerce. We are their whole life Orion, Mars, which are their two main bases of operation. They come from Orion, Mars they own they have huge detention centres and huge meat lockers. Most of the people who die they take them to Mars and are put in their- they have hanging pens where they then kill them again (astrally) in these hanging pens, I think they are probably raping people while they're getting ready to hang, because that is tremendous fear and they ingest that fear, they will torture little children in front of their parents so that they can get that energy. There's no depth that this race will not stoop to.
    Reptilian EVP and Reverse speech - Peggy Kane Volume One 1 of 24


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