Friday, 27 July 2012

EU Human Rights **ALERT** Secret POLICE Tribunal UK


NB: selected parts only;

"There are no criminal proceedings against him. Mr Rahman has never been arrested, questioned or charged in a criminal context in relation to these proceedings.”

"Mr Rahman’s father, who lives in Poplar, east London, said: “He is a very genuine and very honest man. He has nothing to hide. He is a family man."

“The allegations against him are untrue. He is very pious, he prays five times a day and I think he didn’t fit in in the police because of that.”

"Last month, after a five-year legal battle, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that his case could be held in secret although Mr Rahman had wanted a public hearing. Mr Justice Mitting, a High Court judge who also specialises in terror cases in his role as chairman of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, ruled that Mr Rahman and his legal team would be banned from parts of the hearing that concerned issues of national security."

"Instead, a security-cleared “special advocate”, rather than his own lawyer, will be appointed on Mr Rahman’s behalf."

"However, he will be banned from discussing the case with Mr Rahman and his lawyers. "

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