Friday, 27 July 2012

#DOXED Bain Capital - Organised Crime UK #FUNDS RT

IMPORTANT; even our backup account is now JAILED JAILED JAILED; down to you LIGHTWORKERS OF THE WORLD - get these facts known TODAY; everywhere on PLANET EARTH.....  Our planetearth ... not the MAFIA's planet Earth ... Not on The White Rabbit's Watch! 

Note; Robert Maxwell; top crook; MIRROR GROUP (now INTERCEPTING COMMUNICATIONS, etc) ... And Lyons! ;) BAIN CAPITAL = ORGANISED CRIME MONEY LAUNDERING VEHICLE for DARK CABAL ACTIVITIES GLOBALLY! NB; note to editor, guess we'd got it right but wrong, sorta ... It's not Mitt 'The Mafia Man' Romney, it really is 'MItt 'The Hit' Mafia Man Romney'; WOW! PROOF! At last! Please, you're not going to be reading this on the mainstream; GET THIS SEEN! Get Tweet this page right now!! ;) WE'll update all day ... Friday ... the DAY THEY ARE

Bain Capital

PS  If you don't know what happened to Robert Maxwell, you want to look it up ... LIke, in this 30 second video! heh!! LOL ... Kenny Boy anyone (no body, either ;) :)) 

Romney's not your sort of mainline crook; back of a lorry (Truck) stuff ... lol   More back ... of a boat!!  Real big multimillionaires-in-MEDIA ... the MAINSTREAM MEDIA - hint that ... one ... Now, who WAS on that boat, again!  heh!  

Maybe, just maybe ...  As they say, stranger things, have been known the be true.  So onto:


First, a message for all HUMAN, from The White Rabbit! ... Join us!  ...#OTB need Humans (you have fingers, can Tweet faster than ... The White Rabbit! ... U need feel ...

Now you've chilled from the SHOCK of the OUT IN THE OPEN MAFIA/VATICAN/[See Mitt get his BLESSING from the PEDO-DARK-CABAL of the VATICAN CITY here - Vatican Assassins, annoiting their NEW USA PROXY] CITY/WALLSTREET Massively CENTRAL BANK GODZILLA & BIS Swiss Cheese Non-SOLUTION the entire planet is MISSING ATM (Save The White Rabbit, who is TRYING TO TELL YOU ALL RIGHT NOW IN THIS FREAKING POST!!) BACKSTOP to this DARK CABAL, you'd better get up to speed with your HISTORY of the SECRET UK STATE, the MOSSAD & US CONNECTIONS, and again, again, again, the MSM Licenses ... bought and souled (sic) {yours} ... Mind Control Operations of the Financier Illuminai Led ... ISRAELI CONNECTION: of MITT ROMNEY (Mossad Agent?) ... Certainly Dark Cabal Member (for sure! DOX)

Do note the Obama Birth Strategy is the same!! ;)   No use in reinventing the wheel now, hey Mitt who wants ALL your BITS!

Meet The Man Hisself; Obvioiusly, before his Capo got a minion to disappear him into the sea (highly allegedly ... I mean, he just fell off <g> Yeah! #Lulz Mor!  Mor!!

Do note the Obama Birth Strategy is the same!! ;)   No use in reinventing the wheel now, hey Mitt who wants ALL your BITS!

Document Source:

Still want Mor Proof?! <g>


Mor Still??!  Greedy Human!  But big subject, Human Stupid now 50 years (The White Rabbit see!).  Come to help, so for you because all The White Rabbit love all Human (and all other sentient beings):

Of course, stupid human, you could learn use our search:


The White Rabbit!
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Source:  As seen as this comment:

"Scenario News-ReviewsJuly 24, 2012 12:05 AM

Another piece to the puzzle:

Romney-Bain Linked to Organized Crime in UK

US Election 2012: Mitt Romney fortune built with help from Robert Maxwell and Jack Lyons

Robert Maxwell and Jack Lyons, two of the most notorious figures in British corporate history, helped Mitt Romney build his $250 million (£160 million) fortune, it can be disclosed.

Maxwell, the late owner of Mirror Newspapers, invested $2 million in Mr Romney’s first private equity fund, which launched the controversial career in finance that the Republican presidential challenger now cites as proof of his ability to lead the US to prosperity.

Full story :

Source: (The White Hats). ;) ... Comments section, obviously! ;)

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